5 thoughts on “Product Review: SUPER by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Coconut Quench & Bright Eyed

  • dannyleeds1132

    That was really great . I love the way you reviewed the products I’ve learnt a lot . The perricone super line is not out in the uk yet . Apparently it’s going to be released here next week .can I ask you if you are able to recommend which products I should use if I tell you my problems or maybe ask the perricone team for me . The uk is a bit slow with great skin care .I didn’t know thst about Jason products . That’s a range that sells in the uk as everyone thinks they are organic . Have you eve

  • jesswein26

    @dannyleeds1132 Hey, thanks for your comment! It all depends on your skin type, different things work for different people! As far as their skin products go, this is what is good for each skin type:

    If you have dry skin and need something hydrating, try Coconut Quench (the mist that I was talking about), or Hyper Hydrator (a cream form using similar ingredients), Super-O-Mega (it uses chia plant),.

    For anti-aging, Super Night Recharge (it uses red algae) or Crinkle Eraser Firming Serum.

  • jesswein26

    @dannyleeds1132 Sorry, there’s a comment limit. Anyways:

    First Blush Brightening Serum, Brightening Activator toner, and Bright Eyed (melon) help with dark spots and uneven skin tone.

    Super Acne Treatment (uses green apple) and Super Detox Elixir (watercress) help with breakouts.

    The standard products for “normal”/combination skin are Super Face & Eye Cleanser (acai), Daylight Savings Moisturizer, Super 3-Minute Facial (ginger), and Moisturizing Activator toner.

    Hope that I helped!

  • dannyleeds1132

    Thank you for that 🙂 have you used the ginger mask it looks great . Think my skin would love it first thing in a morning . The brand is being released in Boots chemist in the UK next week . Don’t forget if u want any uk products just ask 🙂

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