25 thoughts on “Product Reviews:Featuring Komaza Care’s Coconut Hair Pudding

  • ladykpnyc

    You can get the aubrey products from The Vitamin shoppe, whole foods or Perelandria, 175 REMSEN STREET

    Just go to aubreyorganics.*com and click on store locator. Hope that helps!

  • ladykpnyc

    Thanks for the review, My SO ordered their entire line for me a few months ago, I love them!! Especially the coconut milk line 🙂

  • pinkwolf78

    Thank you so so sooo much for this review. I’m on Komaza’s site right now and I will be placing a order. 🙂

  • mishsamuels

    Hi ladykpnyc, this may not pertain to this video, but you use or maybe use to use Mane and Tail, hair strengther leave in? I think that’s what it was, if so did you find that it gave you protein overload or just the right balance, plus did you use it everyday with fine results?

  • ladykpnyc

    Aubrey Organic’s Island Naturals…their J.A.Y shampoo and condish are even better 🙂

  • ladykpnyc

    I did use it everyday, but I’m also a cronic cowasher, so by the end of the day, it was gone, however, if you dilute it down a little with water, you should be fine 🙂

  • ladykpnyc

    What did you order? What did you think of the results? (If I’m being nosey, let me know, lol)

  • ladykpnyc

    Yep, I just orded a few things from their califa line….look for a review this week 🙂

  • awrightjesus

    Ok, so im new to the natural thing. I am a little lost of the the basics. Should I prepoo? And if I do, what products, oils etc should I use.

  • MANDALA412

    what was the conditioner u use as a leave in called? i got the juices and berries but what was the other bottle?

  • MANDALA412

    what was the conditioner u use as a leave in called. in one habd u had the juices and berries…what was the other bottle? do u ever flat iron your hair?

  • ballershaleah

    on the website i couldnt find the intense moisture therope.. the closest thing i saw to it was the olive moisture mask????

  • FrontLaceLady

    Where is the retailer of the Oyin products,?? because Im thinking bout taking a trip to Baltimore just to get their products… Thanks for this video 🙂

  • AfriNaija12

    Thank you so much for this product review, specifically of the Komaza care curl pudding. I have been thinking about getting it and have been doing my research. Your analysis truly helps. Thanks!

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