Protein Thin Mint Recipe (raw, gluten free, low sugar, vegan, coconut oil)

Subscribe to our videos so you can keep up with what we are doing – How to video of us making our favorite thin mint cookie recipe! A recipe that is full of protein, fiber, low in sugar and naturally gluten and grain free. Made from coconut oil which is great for energy, thyroid, and healthy source of fat. Check out our bakery for more raw gluten free healthy grab-and-go snacks. For our protein thin mint recipe plus variations and more about the ingredients used – More about our daily eats, recipes, and health journey check out our blog Chat with us Facebook Twitter – Twin sisters. Bloggers. Entrepreneurs. Been blogging over two years. We workout from home. Getting fit for a wedding in April. Share healthy gluten free recipes. Love being able to connect and help others. Love everything health and fitness related! Trying to heal our acne naturally.

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      Love this video! The thin mints look INSANELY delicious. Also, love your shirt. Next time you’re in Bahhhston, we MUST? hang out. 🙂

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      @fortheloveofkale thanks girl!! and ? yes we would love to hang out next time we are there!!

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