22 thoughts on “Raw Coconut Milk #33

  • belact

    You are so right I went to Thailand 2 yrs ago and the cocos were so cheap and sweet. Thailand is a fruit paradise and? a perfect place to be for raw fooders.

  • beyuo08

    ***** 🙂
    gracias por? la receta, esta leche de coco se ve muy deliciosa!!!!, a mi tambien me encanta el coco 🙂

  • StarFlower99654

    oh my goodness, your vid just reminded me i have two coconuts to use; one in the fridge and i sat one outside to keep cold until I? use it.
    Thank you brother for sharing!! Peace and Bliss!!

  • guitarlovenjc

    Thanks for the tip about the optional straining through the nut mylk? bag! 🙂 Great stuff!! I appreciate your vids!!

  • brendazbiz

    Hi Santiago, I was wondering if you have any knowledge of making? Red Pepper Hummus? Thanks, Love the Coco milk!!!!

  • MommyReporter

    I’ve always seen those coconuts at Whole Foods? and never knew what to do with them… Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  • dangraves3031

    I like grapes apple , craisins , and orange chopped up and put on a salad. A good fruit salad is? mashed up banana to where it’s like baby food with chopped strawberries and whole blueberries.?

  • rawvibing

    Matt Amsden has a cookbook called RAWvolution and in it there is a recipe that i’ve? been dying to try maybe you can give it a go 🙂 its the Onion bread and it looks incredible!

  • RawTwitchn

    I’m so scared to cut open? a coconut!!! LOL!!! no joke!!! I better get me a dang good knife 😉 thanks for this recipe!!

  • Anjacina

    Thanks for sharing something so simple and easy. I? get my cocos at the asian store and when they’re 99 cents I get 10 at a time. Thanks for the tip with the big spoon. That makes pad Thai easier when the meat comes out whole.

  • cortezcortez007

    How do you store the coconut milk. Last time a made a quart and didn’t drink it all? i put in the fridge and it solidified.

  • praiznhim

    Thank you for posting the easy way to make coconut milk! a lot easier than having to shred it first! I’m going to make some kefir with mine.? Do you make almond milk and what do you flavor it with? Thanks!

  • praiznhim

    @RawTwitchn meat? cleavers help me open mine, elaina love has a great video that shows how to open a coconut ‘gracefully’

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