Raw Food Episode 14 – Opening a Young Thai Coconut

Jenna loves drinking refreshing and nutritious young coconut water and eating the soft meat inside. Her biggest fear was how to tackle a young coconut without getting hurt in the process. Join Jenna on her journey to the Hollywood Raw Lifestyle Film Festival where Rod Rotondi, founder of Leaf Cuisine, teaches her the easy way to open a young coconut. Get more information about the nutrition and history of young coconuts.

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    25 thoughts on “Raw Food Episode 14 – Opening a Young Thai Coconut

    • kosai19

      I have to say it appears as “Opening a Young Thai” then later on I see coconut. Some people might get the wrong impression.

    • organikook

      Yes, they really do taste better.Waaaaayyyyy better. And how much fun is it to take out all your aggressions on a coconut shell, and then pretend to be on vacation walking around with a straw sticking out of the coconut?!?!

    • bg11215

      I just drank the water from a Thai coconut for the first time last week. All I can say is: O*M*G I it was so amazing! It almost made me orgasm!!! If you wanna make t even better, try blending some in a blender with some of the meat and a few Medjool dates. I did and nearly exploded with ecstacy, it tasted so indescribably yummy!!!! To think I never tasted this delicacy until now at 37 years old!

    • bg11215

      It was so good I wanna bath in and drink coconut water every minute of every day for the rest of my life!!How in the world does all that water get inside the coconut to begin with?!?! That in itself is a fascinating miracle in my opinion.

    • pinchywayne

      You don’t have to agree with what anyone says, but last time I checked, everyone was entitled to their opinions.

    • pinchywayne

      BTW, SuperchargeMe, thanks SOOOOO much for posting this vid–I just did this a couple hours ago, and it worked like a charm!!!!

    • AZNjujube210

      when i cut my cocnut open, the meat was clear ans slimy and it tasted very odd..
      it was my first time eating a coconut so i wasnt sure whether they’re supposed to taste that way or the coconut had gone bad.
      can someone please help me out? thanks ^^

    • SuperchargeMe

      Sometimes the coconut meat will be clear and “slimy.” It should taste good, though. Let your taste buds be your guide. If it doesn’t taste good, don’t eat it.

    • icicicles

      If that is true, then I have been steared in the wrong direction most all my life.
      I the 70’s I was told not to drink the milk nor eat the meat of coconuts as their full of cholesterol.
      This kinds of makes me mad as I love coconut mulk.
      I’m so thinkful for the internet it has opened my eyes to a new world I didn’t know.
      Thanks for your reply!

    • SpammityCalamity

      I think you’re getting the cholesterol confused with the high amounts of saturated fat. Coconuts contain high amounts of saturated fat, which can elevate cholesterol levels, which could be bad for you if you’re trying to lower your HDL or LDL.

    • RawFoodShaman

      AWESOME! I am going to buy some coconuts and came here to see how to open them first lol. Now I know I will be buying them all the time. If that skinny lil gal can do it I can do it. Thanks for the great video!

    • JiseleT

      Finally an easy way to open this wonderful coconut without butchering it. Thank you oodles!

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