Raw vanilla, almond and coconut milk ice cream

www.makeraw.com | This recipe is actually very easy to prepare and the results are delicious. So much so that Milo, my partner, finished the entire batch himself. (Okay I did get a spoonful and it was GOOOOD!) UPDATE Coconut was a good addition but not as good as Hemp Seeds, soaked and drained. Check out this recipe for Almond Hemp Vanilla Ice Cream along with a bunch of really terrific sauces for topping. www.makeraw.com

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    4 thoughts on “Raw vanilla, almond and coconut milk ice cream

    • tamellaoc

      Mark this looks so so good—I just made almond milk this morning-(i put dates in mine to sweeten) -now I am going to have to get some thai coconuts and make this–perfect for summer! 🙂 Thanks for this recipe!


    • markcossin

      @tamellaoc Dates are great! I don’t know why I stopped using them. I’ll have to bring them back into my repertoire. Well enjoy!

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