Rawnola (Raw Granola) and Fresh Coconut Milk PART 1 of 2

Escape into a crunchy concoction of chopped nuts, delicious dried fruits and creamy coconut milk. In part 1 I show you how to make coconut milk to pour on top of your rawnola! In part 2 I show you how to make a quick bowl of raw granola. Ps. For those looking for caloric/etc. intake, you can search each indrigient used, all in proper serving sizes, and calculate them together. I, on the other hand, would rather not focus on the calories but the healing properities and the freedom from past obsessive caloric counting!

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    25 thoughts on “Rawnola (Raw Granola) and Fresh Coconut Milk PART 1 of 2

    • calikaren71

      PT is awesome! Ive had to do it for my legs, due to my Pernicious Anemia (vb12 deficiency) & Im lucky to even be walking, Im a shortie GIMP now, lol.

    • delightfullydeformed

      these recipes are so yummy-looking. i’m inspired to break into my kitchen lol!

    • peppernme

      I need a “scratch and sniff” video please.
      I saw a glimpse of your face behind the blender – So cute!

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      Oh God, you caught me, first thing in the morning hahaha I don’t even think about these things when I am so excited to make raw foods … messy kitchen, messy me… would drive my OCD and BDD MAD, INSANE! but my dietary lifestyle is so heartfelt to me that apparently these things don’t matter as much when making raw food on film

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      I think scracth n sniff recipe online is a good idea but people could easily take advantage over scratch and sniff … see-more-butts

    • lunacyffringe

      cocunuts are LOVELY. fresh coconut during hot summer days… the best 🙂
      i loooove watching you make all these new kinds of unconventional food… an inspiration for me to start going raw

    • LucyShy

      Do you think if you boiled coconut it would make your house smell good?
      I might try that.
      ..and use it for tea after.
      haha, awesomeness.

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I never thought of that as air freshener … mmmmmmm you’ve got an interesting idea there. I wonder if it would work. I’d have to suck it up and allow myself to do that before devouring the coconut whole. They are seriously, like avocados, one of my not-so-guilty-pleasures… mmm coconut

    • sh4rlurv3

      Mmmhm! Coconut is so nice for texture too :p
      Guess what?! I saw Juliano in Portland Monday night, wee..have you ever picked up his book, the Raw Gourmet?

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      I have one of his books. It’s divine but too complicated for me. I like my recipes simple for optimal digestion. He’s very opinioned, obviously orthorexic and raw-chef-brilliant!

    • sh4rlurv3

      Yes, I actually put off gettin raw because his book was the first one that I picked up on the subject. I did notice that he doesn’t directly answer questions, but tends to get pretty wound up about his beliefs.

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      Jesus, I have eating disorders. Take 5 seconds of your time to click my profile and you will read that. Watch my vids and you will see that.

    • maestrodms

      I think you look wonderful… and if anyone does there homework, they would find out that coconut is extremely good for you!!! Thank you for your wonderful recipe.

    • MyOwnStickFigure


    • silverlom60

      i recently tried those white coconuts and i think i got a bad one. mine was kinda salty water and jelly like white inside stuff. it didnt taste like a coconut or smell like one.
      also i live in a cold climate so it probably took a year to get here lol is this what it is supposed to taste like?

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      No, that’s one that has gone rancid. If the taste is off and not clean or it’s brownish or purplish inside or too jelly like – it’s rancid. Coconuts have about 1 month life after being picked and then I wouldn’t advise eating them. They get imported from tropical places and then have about 3 weeks max life when put out in the store. Sorry that happened, don’t give up!

    • danieller123

      ok ok…i have always loved coconut first of all, but over the past few months it seemed like every recipe i looked at used the thai coconuts and I thought for sure this was just some new food fad and there would be no difference. I was at whole foods shopping and they had a good deal on them so i bought one………HOLY CRAP! I am officially coo coo for coconuts! LOL I cant get enough, i need a program really…….! They are so good!!!!!!!!!

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