Rawnola (Raw Granola) with Fresh Coconut Milk Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2 – In part 2 I show you how to make your raw granola out of dried fruits and nuts. Please watch part 1 first so you can learn how to make coconut milk to pour on top of your Rawnola!

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    25 thoughts on “Rawnola (Raw Granola) with Fresh Coconut Milk Part 2 of 2

    • theenchantedkitty

      yummy. I would come over, sit outside, and tell secrets. It would be so much fun.

    • Maidopo

      Oh my goodness that looks so incredible! Please tell me where I can get the agave nectar, do you know if Trader joes has it?

      And I got my green bags at bed bath and beyond and dI absolutely love them! And you, keep it up.. Smiles ~mai~

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      Hi honey, it’s divine! Glad you got the green bags. I love them.

      You can get agave nectar at Whole Foods. It’s in the baking aisle next to the maple syrups and sweeteners! You can also find it online.

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      No, I am not a female. I am male and if you watch my videos you will see this. I am not a transsexual female, meaning I am not male going to female. Anyhow, I ID as male. Seemed to confuse you, join the line lololol

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      Not for me, it’s all natural sugar and doesn’t effect the body badly – me atleast. I don’t have issues with diabetes so my body can handle this amount of fructose. It’s very yummy. You should try it.

    • girliehun

      85 degree! thats mad! i totally understand that you get cold but thats just sososo high, like a pool! in the winter when my family wants the heast up im alwasy turnign it down to like 65. you would have to turn the furnace on in the summer!

    • blueooofeather

      I dont know if youll respond to this because its an older videos…..but i was wondering where you got these amazing recipes from? Im also a raw foodist


    • MyOwnStickFigure

      In my head! thank heaven for creativity. I don’t like recipes but I am on a site called Gone Raw – yt doesn’t let me post links in comment boxes but you can just type that in and link to it – my user name is TheRawDance and I have some recipes uploaded. You can also browse TONS of wonderful recipes!

    • permacultureli

      you are funny. really enjoy these cooking videos…
      fun fun fun…and good…but if i eat like that all the time i will not loose weight…

    • sratrat78

      Just made this for breakfast. It was so good!!!!!! My mom actually helped which was fun. Normally i am irritable and territorial around food. Starting to make raw meals has made food enjoyable for the first time in my life 🙂 its exciting! I was going to do another video response but I look like hell. I didn’t shower yet or anything haha

    • iEatedGerardsCookie

      johnny, you have really inspired me to wanna eat raw food 😀 it looks so delicious and healthy!
      and im really jealous of your vegetable garden.. wish i could have one of my own, that would be so awesome 😀 but for now, my mom will order boxes with organic vegetables. im so excited about this 😀

      much love,

    • WildDesertFlower

      I actually had no idea that we could eat mulberries. There is a mulberry tree next door too. It’s always nice to learn something new:)

    • TarotLadyLissa

      I’ll come over and gossip and paint your nails if you give me a big bowl of that with a banana. I’ll bring some ginger kombucha too!

    • laterre52

      OMG it does look good but you OD on the sugar for me. Anyway you look dangerously underweight, that is not healthy.
      1st time here but loved your vid.

    • MyOwnStickFigure

      @laterre52 I suggest you check out my profile/account before making comments on my weight which really is not your place to comment on in the first place nor is that the focus of this video. Anyhow, this is an old video and I no longer eat this way (gourmet raw foods, I keep it very simple now and high fruit raw vegan) but you can alter it so it’s not so high sugar – which I totally agree with. I use to get crazy in the raw kitchen lol

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