RE: What type of oil to use for more gliding power?

Question: I’m a licensed aesthetician and i perform most upper back, shoulder, neck and head massage. My question is what would you recommend a good massage oil/lotion for this massage type. I spend too much money on different massage oil and can’t find good one that give me nice slip and slide during massaging. they all tend dry up so quickly after couple of minute massaging. thank you very much in advance. Sheila

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    6 thoughts on “RE: What type of oil to use for more gliding power?

    • idgirl97

      i used to use biotone advanced therapy, but it makes me break out. now i’m looking for a new brand of oil. thanks for this video.

    • KarleyLou

      I use grapseed and calendula oil 50% dilution of each. The calendula oil gives quite a luxurious feeling. Almond oil is another good one BUT allergies are a high risk, i ant use it as i myself am allergic to nuts. Great vid 🙂 xx

    • loveandbullets07

      jojoba/grapeseed/sesame…. theres a blend in Massage Warehouse catalogues that’s great for skin. Try not to use anything with nuts or waxes so that it’s universal and you don’t have to change oils/lotions for every single client.

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