Reformulated– Suave Tropical Coconut!!!

My review of the popular–and cheap product. Old Formula: Water (Aqua), Cetyl Alcohol; Tocopheryl Acetate [Vitamin E Acetate]; Freesia Refracta (Freesia Refr…

25 thoughts on “Reformulated– Suave Tropical Coconut!!!

  • kshel104

    I just use? Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioners because they are at Target and all natural for 9.99 a piece.

  • umkish

    The new formula has the same exact ingredients as the old Suave I used to use in 2007-2008. Are you sure the new/old ingredients are properly? listed? Also, the old formula had blue and green dye and aloe?

  • ssikmoi88

    I have tried suave ad it didn’t do much for my hair. There’s a brand called Inecto (purpe coconut brand) sold in the UK that? seems to be similar if not better in my hair. I use cheapie conditioners to rinse ayurvedic powders out of my hair. Currently using Tessemme naturals and its working well. x

  • naturalbornqueen

    I never really cared for it anyways, but it does make me wonder now that filled it with garbage, how is it 2x the moisture?!? Being an informed consumer makes a big difference? everyone. 🙂

  • HennaRo22

    When was the last time you bought? this conditioner? The new ingredients has been sold since I went natural in 2008!

  • melsue40

    I thought that it? was just me- I jumped on the bandwagon to try this product, and didn’t like it also. I guess I have expensive taste.

  • CoilyHairedBeauty

    i know, right? They just did a total 180. The other version had the good ingredients? towards the top….smh

  • rebarenee7

    I like the new Suave conditoner with the shea butter, smells great! Maybe I will try it if it is improved. Thanks for the info.I like the price? too.

  • jadar47

    I guess they got on the cream of nature bandwagon, and thought more about profit than about? consumer’s well being.Oh well, Suave may redeem themselves one day, however I for one, will not be using any of the new formula and just go back to my cheap but effective Vo5. TaTa Suave, you were good while it lasted:(

  • desriansdoll

    This was GREAT on MY hair! I mixed some extra virgin olive oil with it,did my co wash and applied some Parachute Coconut Oil? on my hair and my hair feels wonderful!

  • Ann Noire

    I have the old school coconut suave, so I’m glad I won’t have to? deal with this new version.

  • tatienne j

    i give it a grade A+ because it leaves my hair moist and i have slip i detangle with it i love it i just wish the scent was a? bit stronger tho

  • cocoaqueen16

    I love the newer version better than the older it provides alot of slip. I hated the older version which made my hair feel like sand paper. So good looking our Suave. =^)?

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