Relaxer Stretch Hair Regimen Product Review

Visit Our Blog Our Unique Hair-iTage This is my current regimen for my hair during my stretch -or- transitional stage. All/most of the products have been very successful within the process to get my hair healthy. I will have a tutorial video coming soon. All products are used for a specific reason: Shampoo: Creme of Nature Detangling Conditioning Shampoo Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo Mane n Tail Moisturizing Shampoo V05 Clarifying Shampoo Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair Conditioner: Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner Neutrogena Triple Moisture Conditioner Organic Root Stimulator Olive oil Replenishing Conditioner Protein Treatment: Aphogee Treatment for Damaged Hair Aphogee 2-step Protein Treatment Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer Oils: Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil Clove Oil Misc: Garlic Gel Capsules Honey Growth: Mega Tek Hair Moisturizers: Creme of Nature Lemongrass Rosemary Leave-in Conditioner S-Curl Activator Moisturizer Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion All products purchased by me

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    25 thoughts on “Relaxer Stretch Hair Regimen Product Review

    • moniquejohnson100

      this concoction is by kimaytube Ingredients

      2 tbsp Knot Today Leave-In
      2 tbsp Aloe Vera Juice (Trader Joes pH 4.0)
      2 tsp jojoba oil
      2 tsp castor oil
      MIX WELL

      i dont have knot today so i used the cantu shea butter… i also used vegetable glyc instead of castor.. amazing. ill inbox you the video clip of the reults from this leave in

    • PunkRockSoulSister

      Garlic?! Alicia, where’s the kitchen sink? Haha just kidding girl. This is a great video. Thanks for all the product recommendations. I gotta find that hair milk and get some of that coconut oil. Looking forward to the tutorials. <3 Alana

    • TwinGodesses

      Yeah, Ive heard about Bee Mine. FGrogan was talking about how she loves it. I think I might try the sample just to see how I like it. I just watched the leave in that Kimmaytube did! OMG, I am definitely going to make it! I heard everyone loves it!
      Thanks so much girl!

    • TwinGodesses

      I used to use Doo Gro until my grandmother turned me on to WildGrowth. Then last year I started using Mega Tek which works better than any other grow products ive used…Only thing is I heard it makes your hair shed. So make sure to take garlic.
      Thanks MoeMoe!

    • TwinGodesses

      Girl yes! ORS is one of my staples. Been using it for years. I will definitely have to try the LTR leave in.
      Thanks sis!

    • TwinGodesses

      I really loved Creme of natures original line, but the new line works just as good!
      Thanks so much!

    • TwinGodesses

      Thanks! Never heard of Nexxus until you mentioned! Seen it at Walmart today. May have to try it out! Thanks for letting me know!

    • TwinGodesses

      The one that Elise is wearing that has color in it is by Motown Tress called LG-41and I am wearing Its A Half Wig Angela!
      Thanks Twin!

    • TwinGodesses

      Really? The Paul Mitchell is what everyone on the Long Haircare Forum has recommended for me but it was so expensive. Same ingredients for $6? Yes, I will be getting it! Thanks so much!

    • TwinGodesses

      Thanks so much for this list! Ive tried the Aphogee keratin-green tea and Love it! I am going to look into the Long Term Rela. leave in and the Neutrogena leave in!
      Thanks again sis!

    • TwinGodesses

      Aww, thanks hun! I just seen Carol’s Daughter on QVC the other day! I really want to try her products.
      Thanks for the suggestions!

    • TwinGodesses

      This is what I am going to try! Ive heard so many good things about her leave in, plus it seems easy to make!
      Thanks again Monique

    • TwinGodesses

      Lmbo! The first time i every tried this, I swear I was putting garlic powder in my hair because of a tutorial I saw lol. Not a good look!!! Anywho, you should most def. try that! I am thinking about doing a giveaway with it.
      Thanks Alana!

    • Skye525

      @TwinGodesses You’re welcome. Both of the leave-in’s are available at Target/Walmart.

      Check out these guru’s. Their hair care regimens are? exellent. I’ve implemented some of the products and techniques into my regimen and I’m loving the results. My chin-length bob is now past my shoulders. Good products and consistency is all you need.

      1. fgrogan
      2. chinablk
      3. ninapruitt
      4. mskibibi
      5. lilbrownskin85
      6. KISSseventyseven

    • j80edwards

      HE Long Term Relationship Leave In is an awesome moisturizing leave in. While stretching I also like to use SCurl.

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