REMIX!! Glamazini #38: Re-Mixing My Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Moisturizer On Ice

Lovelies, Being the proper lemming, I took your advice in the comments of my previous video: And re-whipped my shea butter and coconut oil moisturizer on ice. Granted, there were some “technical difficulties” but all in all I like the method and will reuse in the future. Thanks for helping me out! 🙂 http

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    25 thoughts on “REMIX!! Glamazini #38: Re-Mixing My Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Moisturizer On Ice

    • vegasrenie

      I just put my shea butter and coconut oil in a food processor together. No whipping, no ice, no melting, no stove. Just lovely, fluffy butter. Promise!

    • glamazini

      sounds wonderful, but alas, I don’t own a food processor (used to but have no clue where it went…i probably gave it away knowing me lol). If i get one i’ll try this.

    • glamazini

      yes i know but this video was not my normal method, just trying somethings youtubers suggested. i’m a melting addict. everyone tells me not to but i can’t help myself. maybe next batch i’ll not melt…maybe.

    • libbymarshae

      Why don’t you just whip it with your blender instead of melting it, then icing it, then mixing, then icing? And why did you put it on ice the last time instead of just letting it cool on it’s own when you were finished?

    • glamazini

      girl i don’t know O_O. I put it on the ice in this vid ’cause in the previous vid someone suggested i do so and i wanted to see what happened. I didn’t use the blender ’cause it was my 1st time mixing it and i just used the mixer.

    • libbymarshae

      OK, I recently bought a book on making creams and lotions. What they suggested was that you add rose or linen water (I’ve never heard of it). I think this helps make it more creamy when you mix with a mixer. I said blender earlier but I meant mixer. They did suggest that you melt it the way you do it. And maybe putting it on ice is not bad after melting it is not bad after all ( in my mind). Just don’t put it on ice again after your last mix so it can stay creamy.

    • libbymarshae

      I’m gonna try this as soon as I find out about the rose, linen, and orange water. I don’t have a clue about those. I’ll let you know something.

    • cjcaress69

      sorry about that. but even if it hardened you could just keep on whipping. happens to me ALL the t ime, and i get it creamy again. Don’t be so quick to give up and pour it out.

    • dru052009

      you could have whipped it some more after it froze up a lil bit… i made a similar mixture and it came really creamy…u should try again.

    • glamazini

      @SofhiaX I tried the ice because on my last video it was suggested. Honestly I don’t see the need and won’t use it again, just thought I’d give it a whirl.

    • SofhiaX

      Thank you for clearing that up. Because I’m a shea fanatic and I’m always looking for ways to use it in a better way, but really, I believe focusing on the authencity of the product is the most important thing. Making sure the product is fair trade is important too. And after that, I just mix it with black seed oil or olive oil (just a little bit) and let it get hard by itself and it’s in a perfect state. Altough with this cold weather if feels like a brick sometimes, lol.

    • kdw4jc

      Great vid! I’m waaaay late viewing it. Using the mixer whips air in to the shea mix making it fluffy. Consider cream cheese brick vs. whipped cream cheese or chocolate pudding vs. mousse. I’ve seen sistas here melt shea & oils, add essential oil & then alternate mixing & chilling shea mix every few minutes. Chiling speeds up the process.

      I think I will cream my next batch of shea at room temperature with the mixer (like butter) and see if I can get it as creamy as heating it up.

    • CurlNGlory

      All I do is get a spoon put a nice big chunk of shea butter in a container, then add like 3 tsp of evoo and 2tsp evco and MIX! The oils (because its a liquid) is enough to mix it all together and volia! No heating or ice haha 🙂

    • xxmuzicchickxx

      you made some crazy looking stuff, girl. LOL I use aloe vera gel in mine. i think every mixture, no matter what combo or method you use, will work effectively though. the process is pretty fun, too.

    • Bizeediva

      Hi! I’m a Natural Girl in Transition. I tried the Shea/Coco Oil mix. I used raw shea butter & only about 2-1/2 tbsp of coconut oil . I melted them completely in a saucepan (no m.w.) b-cause I wanted to strain the shea. I added my oils & mixed w/a hand mixer w/the bowl on the ice cubes as shown. It worked! It still whipped into a very creamy consistency. I remembered to immediately remove the bowl from the ice and mixed just a bit more before placing into the containers. Thank for a great video!

    • NayNubian

      tip: if you leave it on the ice too long just bowl water and leave it on top of that for 10 mins n it should release it . 🙂

    • NayNubian

      tip: if you leave it on the ice too long just boil water and leave it on top of that for 10 mins n it should release it . 🙂

    • rebarenee7

      keep trying til you get it right. I need to start measuring because someone asked me how do I make it and I couldnt tell them how much to add. B.( I hear people getting their shea from different venders and I dont know if I trust online folks. Would you mind me asking how much do you pay for yours and is it a large container? I could get shea for about $5 (16oz) and recently paid about $8. too much, I hear the yellow isnt shea but African butter, I hope I’m getting shea 100%.

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