Review and Tutorial – As I Am Coconut CoWash ~ 178

As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner Can be purchased from CurlMart 16oz. .00 or Sallybeauty 16oz .99 Ingredients: Aqueous (Water, Aqua Purificad…

25 thoughts on “Review and Tutorial – As I Am Coconut CoWash ~ 178

  • NayaJudah

    There’s a pump on Amazon that will fit the? jar. Just search “Pump for 16 oz. Jar” (that’ll be the actual product name for the listing). It’s only $2.50. I just got a jar of this today. I can’t wait to try it tomorrow.

  • Karen H

    I just saw this product at the Walgreens by my job. I don’t remember the price, but if it’s around for a while, I’ll have to try it. (Got to go easy for a bit-the pj in me came out in August, and loads of nat. hair care products are? now available at Walgreens!)

  • sheabuttaful

    I? am deep conditioning with this coconut co wash right now….I love this co wash! Thank u for reviewing….

  • MochhaLady

    This product has done wonders for my hair. Whether it Chinese/White/Black owned I’m focused on? the ingredients. I actually applied the cowash and then put a plastic cap on to create natural heat, then I washed. My hair is so soft. I also purchased the leave in conditioner for extra protection to strengthen my strands. Great. I want the twisting butter but folks say its too sticky. Excited about your product starting on 9/3

  • dollladie

    Instead of a pump, why don’t you transfer it to a bottle with a wide enough? opening (like a shampoo bottle); then you won’t waste any or get any water in the product via the shower, etc. Just a suggestion 😉

  • daddysg1rl15

    this might sound like a dumb question but is the cowash meant to? be left in or washed out? i have yet to see or hear anyone mention whether they leave it in or wash it out.

  • Johnnie Vargas

    I got my my pump from Sally beauty supply for 3$ I transferred my co wash to the pump container and it works great less mess and its right in? the shower to close reach. Hope this helps 🙂

  • CakesandMuffins

    Do you wash your hair with anything besides the co wash? Or do you wet your hair and finger? comb, use the co wash, clean it out and proceed to style your hair?

  • jcokes7

    When I’m strictly co-washing this is all I use, I cowash then conditioner my hair? and then style as normal.

  • jcokes7

    Yes at Sally’s but I? never did purchase it. Another said you can order one that will actually fit the jar but I didn’t purchase that one either.

  • prettienini

    LOL I cracked when you said “and that will be the end of my review…” followed by “cause you know i’m quick and straight to the point” lmao!! I hear that! Good review! I found this product on amazon and read the reviews and they were pretty good.? Then I decided to search on youtube. Thanks!

  • athyrmose

    Wow. Love that your efficiency and upload length make this easy for me. Helpful and informative. Thank you so much. Noticed that most of your uploads are just you in the mirror doing something with your hair. Which tells me you’re? probably not going to waste my time with that FOTD or OOTD mess. Subscribed. Grateful. 🙂

  • jcokes7

    Lol I’m too? old for that! but I do sometimes do Hair of the Day H.O.T.D.. but rarely.. Thanks for subbing!

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