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  • S Kirby

    You love your sulfates, crack me up! The creme really defined your curls
    well, and I’m all about non-crunchy curls. I have the creme, haven’t tried
    it yet because trying to get through older stuff in the PJ closet! Now I
    want to get the leave-in! Thanks for the review.

  • amyy164

    I so agree with you about the shampoo thing. I totally believe in washing
    my hair as well. Thanks for the review.

  • Christal Williams

    Great review; I need to get that leave in, I have the other product and
    love it as well. The smell is divine.

  • Melshary Arias

    As far as styling I don’t have staples because I like a lot of different
    things. But as far as the basics: Aussie Moist 3 Minute Mir, Kinky Curly
    Knot Today and Coconut Oil

  • Teaundra

    im glad these worked for you i refuse to try their line again tried the
    peppermint leave in and it left my hair sooo dry

  • CassieAfricanQueen

    I used their soufflé and it turned into a DRY FRIZZY hair ball, I may give
    this one a try. Thanks for the review.

  • NaturallyThick08

    Yes!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE PRODUCTS I use them for braid& twist outs
    great hold , the smell is truly yummy!! A1 in my book

  • Jazmyn Marie

    I thought I was the only one not about the cowash life?! Haha, good to know
    I’m not alone. It just doesn’t do my hair justice so I stick with my good
    old sulfates (:

  • mou3mou6

    Thanks so much for that review, I was thinking about buying this line
    (Coconut Shea). Your input was great love the curls, they really do pop.

  • Tay Tayy

    I have this thin curly wavy hair don’t know what type of hair that is…
    anywho I’m trying to find something that control frizz I have a big problem
    with frizz… any subjection I need help lol… oh one mor thing adding
    oils like coconut, almond n grape seed oils is that adding moister to my
    hair or not thax :0

  • tiffanydorsey0110

    Hey melshary have you tried the curling along with kinky curly knot today
    leave in? I love the creme but got tons of flakes with that combo just
    wanted to know if I was the only one.?

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