13 thoughts on “Review on LouAna Coconut Oil

  • jema1ful

    hey got a question i fot the same thing and i know what mean the fact it was cheaper and bigger thats y i got it..what do you mean it coated your hair? iam trying to find something that moisterize the hair bc mine is very dry and it soaks up my oils very quickly..do u know of anything? i am also? haivng my in kinky twist as well..thanks for ur vid not too many ppl talked about this product

  • JustGlamorouslyAlive

    Because this is not virgin. So It doesn’t absorb into the hair cuticle. Sadly,? it had a good price. But virgin works awesome.

  • naomiellison

    I really wanted this LouAna oil to? work, but I tried it and it just sat on top of my hair and did not absorb at all. I am pretty skeptical when people say there is a difference between a cheaper and a more expensive type of anything, because half the time there is no difference at all except in the price. But I am going to give extra virgin Coconut oil a try and see if it absorbs in my hair. This LouAna stuff was just a nightmare. I left greasy head marks everywhere!

  • Krimson

    coconut oil is also a natural stress reliever if you rub it on your face :3 I usually buy organic? or cold pressed stuff…cause you can’t really trust the walmart stuff, just sayin, the fact its so cheap is a little suspicious D: and that its yellow..

  • miszlitebrite

    yea i threw it away after this video lol i always use the nutiva kind….never again will i buy? that louana lol

  • blackCaliGirl661

    Lou Ana is good for cooking eggs or fish. My walmart has the organic coconut oil by spectrum, work ok. I go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for my Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Or I get the? Vatika Coconut oil from Indian Grocery stores.
    Good Vid miszlitebrite!

  • stratect

    Miszlitebrite: Thank you for a great video. Not only is LouAna worse than axel grease,? the label does not state where the oil actually comes from. WalMart should not be putting such stuff on their shelves. For all we know the coconut trees this crap comes from are full of pesticides and the processing plant in timbucktoo dilutes the stuff with diesel oil…. I bought a jar only because the price was so cheap. Never again. Absolute garbage.

  • txdemocat

    glad you did this video.. i was wondering why it was so much cheaper. i guess? i will throw away the louana.

  • CantStayAwake

    thank you for the review. My? aunt gave me this oil because she didn’t want it anymore (she only bought it because my moms name is Lou Ann and she thought it was funny). I’ve noticed it wasn’t as moisturizing as I’d expect. What Coconut oil do you use currently? I know there’s some debate on virgin vs. extra virgin etc

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