Review: Organix Coconut Shampoo N Conditioner

Hello Love-lies!! This is my review of one of the best smelling shampoo/conditioners ever!! Check it out at your local Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, or where Organix is sold. You can also check out their website for details @ Few reasons why I love this product: Sulfate Free Paraben Free Formulas Organic Active Ingredients Amazing Scents (leaves your hair smelling great!) Safe For Color-Treated Hair & Cruelty Free!! Thanks for watching! Please don’t forget to COMMENT, RATE & SUBSCRIBE Lovelies!! BTW–I’m wearing the ELF nail polish from the Trio set shown in my Target Haul video.

25 thoughts on “Review: Organix Coconut Shampoo N Conditioner

  • Tonixbaby97

    I have the anti-breakage serum, and it makes my hair SO SOFT AND SILKY ! I also used the shampoo, and it worked great ! I used these at my? moms, and I loved them so much, she gave me her anti-breakage serum, ahaha! I am defiantly going to buy the shampoo and conditioner and their skin products, soon !

  • apuusa41

    I have the shea butter one and hate it. Even my sister wouldn’t take it and she’s a poor college kid.?

  • thelovelybandgeek

    i have have the acai berry and avocado shampoo? and the vanilla silk conditioner an love them

  • JessicaH256

    i got this shampoo but it was double the size for $6.49 from Meijer 🙂 I just bought it today so idk? if it works yet but it smells great!!!

  • Kisstherainbow123

    I just tried the shampoo and conditioner today. Their AMAZING . I need to get the anti breakage serum. I’m so in love? with these products-3

  • gymsoccerkids

    I’m trying to decide which one? to get for my hair. My hair gets dry easily and has a problem with breakage. Do you have any recommendations?

  • KHeide13

    Tried it… hated it. I love Shi Kai Color Reflects. Also? plant based, no animal ingriedients either

  • shumario123

    can u guys tell me if serum is good cause i use? fructis and let me tell u its bad!!!!!!!! ii swear my hair is damaged becase of that plz reply if its good or bad

  • 102Ilona

    I don’t have that shampoo and cond. But mine is coconut too and I agree it’s SUPER addicting!!!! overall my hair is very smooth and u can smell that shamp. and cond. but the reason why it’s smooth is bc I put the shampoo and cond. ? seperatley and turn off the water and let it soak into my hair then I wash it out so great!! Love coconut best it’s great buy it!!! 🙂

  • 102Ilona

    @shumario123 yes it’s good very great it’s the shampoo and condition that’s bad try: pantene, or? satinique

  • Lesliebug86

    They have it at albertsons right now, BOGO FREE!!!! Yay!! I bought 3 different shampoos and? got all the matching conditioners for free!!

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