25 thoughts on “*Review* Orgnanix Nourishing Coconut Milk

  • sadieandersen1

    I just bought this tonight at target, and was hoping that I made a good purchase… I saw your review on it and a few others and I am glad I did.. hopefully it works for? me as well as it works for the others!

  • crystalseattletv

    Oh good!! Doesnt? it just smell great?? Let me know how you like it!! Its a great product! xoxo

  • jackieferg

    Other than It’s A 10, this is the best hair? product I’ve ever used! Thanks so much for your review. 🙂 I subscribed.

  • thinwhitemonkey

    When you? apply it on your damp hair have you used conditioner as well as your shampoo? Or do you not bother if you’re using this serum? Thanks 🙂

  • crystalseattletv

    I do use? conditioner before application of this product 🙂 If Im using a leave in conditioner or a conditioner hair lotion after my shower then no, Ill skip the shower conditioner; however this Coconut Oil isnt really conditioning in the way a traditional conditioner is – so what Ill do is LIGHTLY condition my hair in the shower then use this 🙂 Hope that helped!!

  • t3knosoulz

    the thing about their shampoos is that they’re sulfate free which is why they don’t lather…they’re not SUPPOSED to lather. sulfates are sooo bad for your hair and can damage your? hair, strip it, and even lead to cancer in some cases. so don’t use a lot of it at all — use the same amount you would a normal shampoo. it just takes a little more work. about the conditioner, I have very thick hair so I need to leave it in for ten minutes or so, but the results are so amazing.

  • crystalseattletv

    Thanks for the comment! Im confused though – many sulfate free shampoos I have tried DO lather. I do understand about sulfates, so I wonder on a pharmacological level why that is. Im going to try leaving? the shampoo in for about 10 mins! Thanks hun!

  • spazzemwazzem

    You remind me of Rachel Ray!? You look and sound JUST like her! That’s a good thing btw 🙂 aha great video!

  • crystalseattletv

    Awww! Thank you sweetie! haha I actually get that a LOT! LOL Thank you? for watching xoxo

  • BAMitsdana

    thank you so much for making this video! but i have one question, when? you say you have no fallout, is that by just applying it to the ends?

  • crystalseattletv

    My fall out stopped for a while due to applying it to the roots & ends but also I began using Joico K-Pax 🙂 Sadly, the fall out has begun once again 🙁 Thank you? for watching!!

  • stallion2175

    well if it help with no? fall out i must well tell friends to use it or look at your video they need to know this

  • TheKissesfromme

    When you say ‘fallout’ you mean breakage right? It didn’t’t stop your hair from falling out at the roots just by putting it on your ends! Lol! And yeah, This product is AMAZING!! every chick that lives hair NEEDS to have this in their bathroom! My hair was in such bad shape that it was breaking off and literally covering my floor and brush. Now I never have hair on the floor and my hair is growing like a? weed! It’s a miracle serum!

  • crystalseattletv

    No? love – I mean a MULTITUDE of things which it actually DID help as my hair would split from the tips UPWARDS 🙂 It would break from the middle of the shaft and onward s applying it to my tips helped it immensely 🙂

  • yazmincruz777

    I put this all over my scalp and ends at night and then in the morning i have maximum volume !!! Like MAXIMUM ! It looked like i teased my hair but i didnt . This? is really good .!

  • babygirraffe

    When i brush out my hair i have a TON of fallout. Do? you really think this would help me?

  • Erica Conway

    i have the coconut milk split ends mender & i absolutely love it!i think i wanna this serum! you should definately try the split ends mender! its more creamy & less oily so just putting it on your ends would not make? your hair oily

  • gegebrault

    Hi Crystal ! I had a lot of questions about organix? coco milk product and I dicided to take a look at reviews on youtube. Yesterday I look yours and you convicted me to go buy this serum!!! I saw the difference to the first application and wow ! I bought matrix one for almost 30$ but this one is so much better ! thank you for this review! I guess I will try shampoo and conditionner too …

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