How to make Suafa’i – Bananas with tapioca and coconut milk

Recipe for Suafa’i – Bananas with tapioca and coconut milk. If you have any questions, just email me at admin (at) or leave a comment below. Intro and outro music – Le Lagoto

20 thoughts on “ How to make Suafa’i – Bananas with tapioca and coconut milk

  • aufdieinsel

    i couldn’t wait for you to put your keke puaa video up. so i just went ahead with the one on your blog and tried it. HEAVEN! your dough for some reason is better than the? chinatown one. it’s more bready???? lol. we’ve had it for 2 days now and my flatmates are all “kay kay” puaa’ed out! thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  • TheHCE8

    i tried it today and it was really nice, it just some how took me back to when i was a child and my mum use to make it but not? with bannanas . it was diffrent and the kitchen smelled nice like wow. thanks for your vid

  • PanipoposKitchen

    Suafa’i always takes? me back to my childhood too, because after I left home, I didn’t have it for years…Happy you liked the video…

  • cloudyskye06

    I normally buy it at the store, never thought of making? it before. The boiled bananas at the beginning didn’t look so appetizing, but end result looks so yummy! Will love to try it out as soon as I can. :]

  • PanipoposKitchen

    Never knew you could buy this…If you try making it, let? me know how it compares.

  • cloudyskye06

    I tried making it and it came out great. Only downer was that I didn’t get sweet enough? bananas.

    As for the store-brought one, I usually skip eating the banana pieces because it just has a weird taste haha.

  • PanipoposKitchen

    Awesome stuff…use the blackest bananas you’ve? got, and they’ll be sweet enough…

  • Tavita Samoa

    I tried making this today…had to chuck it out, think i added too much tapioca, came out terrible had a funny? after taste….im a lousy cook and i thought this was going to be easy.

  • samlei13

    Awesome vid. Is there any way we could get actual? measurements and a tad more detail in the preparation? Such as simmering time, how many bananas to water ratio etc. thank you very much

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