8 thoughts on “Saran wrap deep condition w/ coconut oil (pt. 1)

  • ehicky

    LOL…you know it…if I wasn’t doing the video I probably would of been out in the street grabbing myself a strawberry shortcake and a grab bag!

  • luvmyhair2

    Hi! I haven’t heard from you in a while since our last pm conversation on megatek and castor oil. I really would like for you to continue with your videos since your hair texture is very much like mine which is 2c/3b you look like you have mainly 3b texture type hair. Your texture would be greatly improved with much more conditioning as mine did and now I can wear a curly wash and go style.

  • gigimc

    too funny! your mom sounds like my mom lol cool vids/ watching more! 🙂 I think ours might be similar… seeing it wet will help me figure it out/ but it looks similar…. do you relax it?

  • ehicky

    @gigimc No relaxing here…all natural nappy…but sometimes i wanna plop some relaxer goop on it and just roll with it cause i get tired of fighting w/ my hair. I do notice that some ladies who relax their hair are able to grow greater lengths, possibly because its easier to manage on a day to day basis and i sometimes just give up thru out the week.

  • gigimc

    cool! nah, just keep it moisturized & natural… I’m convinced that relaxers just eat up your hair, especially if you’ve got a little bit of a soft wave, but somehow got a bug in your ear that ‘straighter is better’ ::ahem, raising hand:: check out longhairdontcare2011 -she just posted a updated ‘journey’ vid & my mind is officially blown lol

  • 8hope5

    to make ur hair straighter apply fresh henna mixed with yoghurt, honey n olive oil once week is perfect, n u can try yoghurt mixed with olive oil in any day of the week, u can try coconut oil, i luuuuuuuuuuv it

    applying fresh henna to ur hair once a week stops hair shedding

    i suffered frm severe hair loss 4 2 months n now my hair is thinner but when i applied henna weekly 4 a month,the hair loss is GONE.

  • ehicky

    @8hope5 thanks…something i will consider…at this point i want to chop it off. LOL

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