Save Our Nature Philippines Movement ( The real Virgin Coconut Oil – see more info)

This is the way we produce our cold process “Extra Super Virgin Coconut Oil”, after two days of fermentation of fruits and vegetables enzymes together with the extract of pressed coconut meat, the liquid extract will be formed as liquid and solid oil. We have to filter the oil due to the residue (solid, latik), the one that you see at plastic pale is not necessary to be included in the oil unlike in the machine made of virgin coconut oil in which this solid (residue, latik) is being melted and will also formed as liquid. If this residue or solid or latik is included in the virgin coconut oil, this oil will be the kind of hydrogenated oil and will formed the trans fatty acid, as we all know this is bad for the health! Please remember, cold process is very different to cold pressed, don’t be fooled. The cold process of virgin coconut oil can be taken as raw intake and not only for cooking to boost your immune system and fight viruses in your body including cancer cell because of the fruits and vegetables enzymes. The solid residue or latik should be used for soap making ONLY. Click (Our process is Philippine and USA copyrighted) and look for the Services page, Testimonials (tagalog/english) page, and GSGWFI Blog-Coconut page for more accurate additional information!

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    5 thoughts on “Save Our Nature Philippines Movement ( The real Virgin Coconut Oil – see more info)

    • patisserie1

      Founder, what did you extract the coconut milk with. Did you squeeze the grated coconut and use that liquid or was some type of liquid added to the grated coconut then squeezed.

      The liquid that was removed from the coconut was this the liquid used to stand and the oil rise to the surface which was then skimed and filtrated? How long did the liquid stand and how many extractions was done. How much oil will five coconut produce? Thanks

    • founderjimrey

      You can only produce 2 liters per 50 coconuts, in the machine made you can produce 10 liters, but this is dangerous for the raw intake, mostly those people that are taking the hydrogenated oil (machine made of VCO) suffered illness instead of health benefits, I know in the USA there’s a lot of VCO in the Filipino stores, don’t ever try this as raw intake, but this is the best cooking oil, only for cooking! Please visit our website, see more info, thanks!

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