Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque Product Review

This is a product review of the Deep Treatment Masque by the Shea Moisture Line. I love this product and will be using it again. I give it 1 1/2 thumbs up…only because of the smell. You can go to Target or online at and purchase it for .99.

22 thoughts on “Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque Product Review

  • naturallocksdvm

    Question,? does your Deep Treatment Masque have veggy glycerin and emulsifying wax or cetyl esters in place of the previous 2? I just got my 2nd jar as a Christmas gift and I noticed an ingredient change when I read the label. I hope the cetyl esters make it better b/c it sucks as a DC in my hair unless I add castor oil, veggie glycerin, EVOO, honey, tea tree oil +/- sweet almond oil. Then it softens and has more slip. I really like it as a styling product mixed in activator.

  • MsKandiiNatural

    yes maam there is veggy glycerin and emusifying wax. I dont see the cetyl esters on the label. oh wow if you have to add all of that stuff to it, then it def sucks! but yea i think they have updated their formula and it works great for me! i am going to try it with an activator when i get the courage to do a wash and go?

  • niecyF520

    I was just about to give up on my eco styler gel! It has been? flaking on me something terrible! Hopefully this product will mix well and work for me 🙂 going to Target’ tonight! THANKS!

  • Zaharam2

    I hated it as a deep conditioner? too. It is absorbed so quickly in my hair that it doesn’t keep the slip for long. However, it is one of the best styling agents that I have EVER used for twist outs and flat-twist outs! My hair is always FABULOUS the next day. I can’t get 2nd day hair out of it unless I retwists or have used a gel with it. I haven’t tried it with an activator. Hmm…now you’ve got me thinking about washing my hair tonight.

  • Missmeena91

    Thanks for the video!! I have recently added this product as a staple in my hair reggie :).. I love loovvve how moisturized it like my hair..? I love the smell it’s really calming and rich.. I absolutely hate the smell of the curl enhancing smoothie.. Too loud and way too trocipal.

  • Bevill2528

    Omg! Yes! Using the Cantu shea butter was a nightmare with Eco Styler. Lol! But I love love this Shea Moisture deep conditioning masque.? I like the smell, it makes me think of being in a spa. The smell is really clean and rich. My hair always feels fluffy and soft after using as well. Great review!

  • MsKandiiNatural

    thanks! i have like a big container of cantu shea butter that i bought when i first started transitioning? that i need to go away. its collecting dust. thats how muich I HATE that stuff. lol

  • MsKandiiNatural

    sorry for the very overdue? response. yes i think the masque would be great for locs. you would just use it on your roots correct?

  • scorp10mz

    I just bought this product yesterday along with the shampoo and the curling souffle. Can’t wait to try it. I looked for? it at Target but they don’t carry it in the store but I found it at Walgreens.

  • ItsInnerBeauty

    I agree. As a deep conditioner, it made my hair hard for some reason..I did not like it. I use another DC now and I’m going to try to use it as a leave-in? conditioner. Hope it turns out great.

  • ItsInnerBeauty

    It really doesn’t work for me. I think I’m just? going to stick with the curl enhancing smoothie.

  • blufaerie

    I just bought this yesterday. I put it on my hair, and put a shower cap and my scarf over the cap this morning for 30? min. After that I got in the shower, cowashed (with Suave Coconut condish) as usual. And put the Moisture Retention condish on as my leave in. Put a dime sized amount of DevaCurl’s AnGel over that and let it alone. I love this stuff! Great review by the way!

  • AliciaDGee

    My hair doesn’t like this product :/ It? makes it feel dry and blah. Such a bummer.

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