Shea Moisture product review part1

Live & Love your life the healthy way! Okay people! WHO RUN THE WORLD? It has to be CURLS, because there are so many youtubers now that makes videos on OUR type of hair but when I first discovered YouTube I felt that there was very few. These are the people who inspired me when I was discouraged with my hair.:))) They’ve all helped me either by their knowledge, confidence or product reviews. Here is some youtuber channels that I used to watch very often. Here are some more people who I discovered not too long ago (some of you might know them already lol) that also give great and sincere reviews on curly hair products or hairstyles I will add more as I go along :))) Thank you !!! ————————————————————————————————————– music Shea Moisture product review Curl & shine kit organic coconut & Hibiscus w/ coconut oil silk protein & neem oil curl & shine shampoo curl & style milk hold & shine moisture mist curl enhancing smoothie healthy hair, journey, living healthy, hair curly biracial natural BIG HAIR Experience

18 thoughts on “Shea Moisture product review part1

  • divaliaa

    Thank you 🙂 It was not always easy but I try my? best to keep a healthy lifestyle from hair to toe 😉 What about you what type of hair do you have?

  • divaliaa

    Thank You for you kind comment! It? wasn’t always easy loll How about you how is your hair? Short ? long? Transitioning?

  • ashajeanbaptiste

    My hair is fully natural. I had a “texture softener” back in ’07. My hair grows in layers, so its armpit length and the back is grazing bra strap length. I’ve always wanted long hair, but I didn’t know how to get it.? So last year I officially started my hair journey ( in October). It has grown soo much! Yes, thank God for youtube! 🙂

  • adukebaby33

    Your hair is beautiful!!!Yes, thank goodness for Youtube! I just did my big chop this past Saturday and looking forward to having my hair grow healthier and fuller! I also subscribe to Taren and she does? look fab!

  • TheSupasweet

    Just had to say that your big, puffy hair is? just gorgeous!
    You have a new subbie here. D’ou viens tu? Just curious.

  • divaliaa

    you are supersweet thank you 😉 Je viens de? montreal Qc. Et toi? Tu as un accent tres mignon 🙂 Oh and thanks for subscribing!

  • TheSupasweet

    Hi again! I’m from Ottawa originally, but I learned to speak French while working in Richelieu (was living in Brossard at the time) Montreal is one of my favourite cities in the world, we visit a few times a year at least. I have a video about our trip to Old Montreal this past summer, check it out.?

  • divaliaa

    Great! I’m glad to hear that mtl is one of your favorites cities 🙂 I will definitely check out your vids !!!?

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