Shine It On With Coconut Oil

I used coconut oil and extra virgin olive to create something that will add shine to my hair and that is healthy. You can also use it as a easier to apply your sealant to your hair after moisturize and sealing by simply spraying it on your sections of hair.

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    25 thoughts on “Shine It On With Coconut Oil

    • NinaRae614

      @yousured Most oil sheens have alcohol in them which is actually sucks the moisture from your hair and dries it out, so this method is much more healthy on the hair.

    • JLUV27834

      @tam2fly400…Thank you!!! I dont have a whole foods in my area(already checked) but I will be purchasing some online. Thanks again….<3

    • JaidaJaysonsMom

      I use coconut oil and olive oil combination in my daughters hair everyday. She has a very dry scalp and this mixture works really good for her. This is the only thing I put in her hair as a moisturizer. I also use both ingredients when I prepoo and before I cowash my own hair. I want to try other oils one of these days but for now these are doing super!! Thanks Megz!!

    • bunzaroni

      this looks pretty sweet, i’ve been looking for something to add sheen. i’m just nervous it will make my hair look oily

    • BrookeDBritton

      coconut oil is good its the only oil that can penetrate the hair shaft.. you can you it to moisturize your hair

    • IndianNaturalCurly

      @PsychoSallyy no i use , hawaiian silky miracle worker 14-in-1 for mosturzing my hair, but i use these oils for sealing my moisturizer in also i like to use them for when i wont to do a perpoo with evoo, or coconut oil , it leave my hair shiny and mosturized in it also help me retain my hair length , 😀

    • SweetxBunny

      @yousured it’s not your fault you’re not educated about the whole hair journey movement and why Megan does what she does. At the same time, educate yourself. please. as you can see, you will piss people off with your ignorance. no offense.

    • da1uwant2be

      megan is just giving tips and showing us what she uses on her hair… shes not saying everyone go out and buy it.. people are crazy.. i hate when people put stupid comments u dont have to put this in ur hair if u dont want to

    • fashionbeautybrains

      i did a coconut based deep conditioner on my hair this weekend. coconut is so great for the hair!

    • Sertmcg

      Hi megs….. so a good combination of coconut oil, EVOO and water would be a great moisterizer n sealer?

    • longlegs1129

      I made some up in a spray bottle last night but I used coconut and grapeseed oil. I sprayed it on my scalp and roots. I’m 10 weeks post and my roots are so soft and manageable now. Thanks for posting this video:-)

    • GwendolynRaine

      @yousured That stuff isn’t even real olive oil. Olive oil is like the last ingredient on the list. It’s basically just silicone on top of silicone. All that does is coat your hair in (what amounts to) plastic, and lock moisture out of it, which makes it just makes it drier and causes it to break off more in the long run.

      Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or even avocado or even castor oil will work just fine.

    • GwendolynRaine

      @BrookeDBritton So do olive oil and avocado oil, but Coconut oil is definitely the best one. Works the best and smells great!

    • GwendolynRaine

      @christprp Coconut itself, or coconut milk has protein in it. But coconut oil doesn’t actually have protein in it, it does however, prevent protein loss in your hair.

    • GwendolynRaine

      @monetchic Any water-based (water will be the first ingredient) conditioner or leave-in conditioner, basically anything water-based that isn’t shampoo will work. I use Giovanni Direct Leave-In, or Oyin Handmade Hair Dew, my friend uses Herbal Essences Long-Term Relationship Leave-In. Although I’ve recently won her over to the Giovanni’s side.

    • christprp

      @GwendolynRaine oh whew!!! bc too much protein can and has in the past messed up my hair so i try to have like one protein in my products and thats it

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