Skin Care- Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great multi-use skin care product, plus it smells incredible! In this video I go over some of the uses I found for it. 1.) Awesome moisturizer – warm a small amount in your hands and apply it to skin instead or in addition to your favorite body lotion 2.) Apply small amount to blemishes to help heal faster 3.) Heat and apply to hair as a deep conditioner

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    9 thoughts on “Skin Care- Coconut Oil

    • Dutchess830

      I put a teaspoon of unrefined coconut oil in my hot cocoa along with a cinnamon flavored creamer. . . Such a yummy treat =p

    • gotsnoluv4ya

      Thanks for the video…I used that same name brand coconut oil as you have in the video. I have used it for my hair, and I completely understand not swallowing it as an oil (I do this twice a day for weight loss and I chase it down with juice) and I have also used it in its hardened form in shakes which actually works best when you cannot stomach swallowing oil.

    • gotsnoluv4ya

      @Dutchess830 I think that is a wonderful idea as I too have used it in my tea and it was decent that way, but I think cocoa is way better =)

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