Skincare TUTORIAL: Best skincare products:Olive Oil & Coconut Oil

Best skincare products: olive oil & coconut oil! Improves the condition & appearance of your skin naturally. Use Extra Virgin olive oil & Extra Virgin coconut oil.

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    2 thoughts on “Skincare TUTORIAL: Best skincare products:Olive Oil & Coconut Oil

    • christentze

      thank you so much for doing this video! i never had problem skin or any dryness or anything with my skin until i got out of high school and now it’s an every day battle for me. i just picked some extra virgin coconut oil up and have been using it in my cooking and as a facial moisturizer for the past 2 days. im really hoping this helps me and makes a difference in my life. you look so radiant and healthy and your skin is glowing! living with acne is so tough so i hope i turn out like you!

    • ThePickling

      Let me know how the coconut oil works for you!! I’ve had acne too in the past, it’s rough, but at least you can improve the overall condition of your skin, even if it won’t make the acne disappear.

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