Somlar M’chou Kh’tih M’noas (Sour Soup with Coconut Milk and Pineapple)

1 lb sliced 1″ spare ribs 2 cups of pineapple Kroeung: 3 tbsp sliced lemongrass 1/2 tbsp slice galangal 1/2 tsp turmeric 1/2 tbsp kaffir lime leaf 3 california red chili pods 1/2 tsp Kapi (shrimp sauce) adding smoked fish powder is optional, I didn’t 1 can 14 oz. coconut milk 3 tbsp tamarind juice 5 tbsp fish sauce 1 tbsp sugar kaffir lime leaf for garnish

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    24 thoughts on “Somlar M’chou Kh’tih M’noas (Sour Soup with Coconut Milk and Pineapple)

    • kkhim1

      I don’t think there was an “easy” in any of these steps. However you are awesome, and your food looks great!? Keep it up! Big ups to this, I’m going to try and promote your youtube channel.

    • EasyKhmerFood

      @kkhim1 HAHA easy is meant? to say it’s not the original way of cooking. Like using a mortor and pestle, regular pot and wait for an hour. It’s cut down to less than half an hour. People replace Red Kroeung with Thai Red Curry….but it’s not Thai Curry. Although many resort to it. 🙂

    • Dreamer4Life777

      Babe I enjoyed watching your tut tut!!! You are? so darn cute!!! I can’t wait to watch more of your tut tut’s!!! haha!!! This dish looks Bomb!!! I am so going to make it this weekend for the family!!!

    • Dreamer4Life777

      Just wanted you to know that because of? your Awesome Tutorial, you inspired me to buy my first Pressure Cooker!!! Thanks Hunny!!!

    • Dreamer4Life777

      Babe I promoted your tutorial? on our “Cambodian Alliance for the Arts” facebook page! BTW…I’m making this dish today!!! Thanks Again – Pecky

    • kleang619

      The ending made me laugh, you made it look soOo good. Have to try it one day. Thanks for the video,? I enjoyed it.

    • snipejone5

      Can someone show me a tutorial on how to make mee kahtang? thats the only? food that is not been shown how to make yet im sure theres alot more though.luv khmer food

    • FanVanessaHudgens1

      I have a question there is a song im? gonna type it in english
      ok “it’s something like soup sour metal ” do u no that song?If do please reply and send me the links:)
      also im Khmer ttooooo im only 11:)

    • aziguy1

      This recipe no good sorry to say but try to use chicken ribs to rough if u want kh tih u have to add more coconut with a green texture it taste like? u made curry instead of somlar machoo kha tih….

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