Stevia!-All Natural Whey Protein Shake with Coconut Oil

Thank you Kent!! aka Bowulf-I just received 3 complimentary packets of “About Time Whey Protein'” powder, this is a Low Carb dream come true! Please check out Kent aka Bowulf , he is the Atkin’s go to guy! PLEASE READ my blog”Controlling the Carb Monster”- . All Natural Whey Protein Powder The “About Time” difference “About Time” is cold-pressed micro-filtered whey isolate and is sweetened with Stevia, a naturally occurring no-calorie sweetener that does not affect blood glucose levels. No artificial flavoring. 24 grams of protein -read more-http I added a 1/2 medium banana(semi ripe), 3 strawberries, 1Tablespoon coconut oil, 1 table spoon heavy whipping cream. I don’t know the exact carb/calorie count, but it was a good way to experiment with low carb recipes protein shakes. here is nutritional fact about 1 SMALL BANANA carbohydrates from: Carbohydrates Amounts Per Selected Serving Total Carbohydrate-23.1g 8% Dietary Fiber-2.6g 11% Starch-5.4g Sugars-12.4g Sucrose-2414mg Glucose-5029mg Fructose-4898mg Lactose-0.0mg Maltose-10.1mg Galactose-0.0mg *disclaimer, I did not get paid for this review, I received this product as a gift and this is my own opinion of this product.

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    4 thoughts on “Stevia!-All Natural Whey Protein Shake with Coconut Oil

    • justwant2bhappy

      Hi Bonnie
      I hope you have another successful month with more weighloss. I have my husband putting coconut oil on his face everynight before bed now. lol He was using olive oil and he said he likes the coconut better. I can’t do that, I’m sure I would break out.
      Its great that you can use it on your face.
      Hope you have a great week.

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