25 thoughts on “Street Fighter 2 – Sagat – Coconut Milk

  • Vazera

    mr. morse you still amazed me
    this is so damn good
    please make more and try some King of Fighters or Cave Story please because you can make that kind of remix/rearrangement
    (kiss to much you ass, but worth)

  • jrEarl

    Tiger…Tiger….TIGER UPPERCUT!!!! Smooth just like the original theme! Keep em coming…and still waiting on Mega Man 20xx

  • JoshuaMorseMusic

    @jrEarl Thanks! The Mega Man album is definitely coming. It’s in its final stages as we speak. 🙂

  • JoeMamma23

    @JoshuaMorseMusic Damn straight. You see his ending in SSFIV? Menz went back to his village and is prolly chillin like a villain with his blasting on his iPhone.

  • DoppleBoppler

    You and posu yan have been two of my favorites on OCR for years, and Street Fighter 2 is one of my favorite VGM soundtracks; I only took the time to type this to let the world know that sometimes dreams do come true

  • TheNodedon

    @JoshuaMorseMusic Actually.. I was just chilling with Sagat the other day in Thailand… we were discussing how much he actually forgives Ryu for scaring his chest… the ladies actually loved it… they would walk pass by him smiling… all while this was happening.. we were drinking Tiger Thai Ice Teas…

  • GraveRave

    Flippin sweet, mate. If you got time check out my channel. I started doing speed painting not too long ago. Keep it up!

  • goniochromism

    You are now subscribed to posuyan

    also the song is greate. i must confess i don’t really dig OCR’s projects and only tend to like one or two arrangements per release. they need more jazzy goodness like this.

  • kalebparham

    this is how you take a song and murder it (in a good way)
    GREAT JOB my friend, great job

  • jrEarl

    @JoshuaMorseMusic That’s what’s up! I’m thinking of jumping on this OCR movement myself. I met up with some great composers at GDC and some of them are on there themselves…even met Marty O’Donnell (Composer behind the Halo series)!!!

  • jmanskater2

    Close your eyes, and imagine sitting pool side on a nice chair. To your right, a halved, hollowed coconut, and inside it, coconut milk.

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