SUPER DEFINED Twist Out /Product Review of As I Am

~OPEN ME PLEASE~ Want to seem me style my hair using these products: Thanks for watching my video, I greatly appreciate it. Don’t forget to subscribe to see what I come up with next!!!! Thank you to all of my old and new subscribers SMOOCHES HUNNY!!!! Want to keep intouch with me: Twitter: @Perrfectlyhuman Instagram: @Neekninja ITS HAIR TIME: I had to get on here and do a review of my all time favorite product that I’m using. I wanted to share with you what it has done for MY hair. I’m not saying that because it worked on my hair it may work on yours; all of our hair reacts and acts different, HOWEVER I do want to let you know of the possibility with this product. It is the “As I Am” hair care line geared towards African American Natural hair women. I’m not sure it will work for relaxed hair. I can only speak from my own experience with my natural hair. Products mentioned: Double butter Cream .99 Moisture Milk .99 Coconut Co-Wash .99 (I purchased these products from Sally’s. They are also available online, link provided below.) Wait!!!! I also have other videos that you may find interesting!!! My Big Chop!! If you missed my neutral eye look: Iconic cranberry eye shadow tutorial: Foundation routine: Eyebrow tutorial: Follow me on twitter Business/ Companies: I would love to do a review for you. I can be contacted at

25 thoughts on “SUPER DEFINED Twist Out /Product Review of As I Am

  • yonniesnatural

    Hello. Your hair is the bomb! I will try these products in the winter season, I have my hair in afro twist for the summer and fall but I look forward to using these items, I’m glad you showed that they can be bought at SBS.A little pricey but okay. Looks like it’s worth every penny. ? BTW you are simply beautiful! Love your complexion, looks like choco. I’m not gay, just love giving credit when it’s due! Take care and Peace.

  • nyagemini23

    I just bought the cowash the other day. I never heard of? the line either but im about to try it and see how it works with my hair. I want to buy the one for the twist out first though. Thanks for doing the review.

  • NeEkNinJa

    No problem!!! I love the co-wash!! I’m running low so I have to go? re-up lol. Hope you get as good of a turnout as I did!!! Thanks for watching.

  • Bfit6

    Your curls look nicely defined as well as thoroughly moisturized. I really like the? sheen that your hair is displaying! I am having such a difficult time with my twist outs coming out frizzy and not so defined as well as lacking sheen! I’ve been trying different products but my twist outs do not come out looking as great as yours. I wish I could get samples or pay for a sample package to try because I have so many products at home that didn’t work and we all know how expensive the process of fi

  • chinewmarie

    Great twist? out! I know this stuff is going to do me good for the summer a bit pricey when you have 2 daughters and myself using it but oh well!

  • NeEkNinJa

    Thanks!! I will say that the product does last. I still have some since doing this week. Mind you I gave it a try before doing the video so it does? last. Depending on the amount that you will have to use in your hair though!! Thanks for watching 🙂

  • MindBodySoulHair

    I’ve tried “As I Am” but it’s not for me…it irritates my scalp and it broke the side of my hair out but? I’m glad it’s working for you.

  • NeEkNinJa

    I wanted to hear other views about their product. Like I? said its not for everyone but it did work for me!!! Thanks for sharing and also watching!! 🙂

  • tspann38

    I love the coconut cowash but I haven’t tried any other of their products….My twist out always fail too and now I going to try this product for my twist out….hope it? works…thanks for the video!

  • NeEkNinJa

    I love the cowash!!! I hope double butter cream works as good as it did for me! Thanks for? watching!!!

  • shimahtw

    Buttercream is $17.99 @Walgreens!? Don’t get them@Sallys if I want to save money…on this line of products anyway. Good luck!

  • NeEkNinJa

    Thanks love!! I’m always up for saving some dollars now all it has to do is migrate to walmart and it will be cheaper than that? lol!!

  • shimahtw

    U’re welcome! I feel u, I? just have their cowash@the moment…I have a TWA, from my 2nd BC (1st was 16yrs ago, but went back to relaxing:( ] so, I’m not trying to become a product junkie 😉

  • scorp10mz

    I’ve been using Shea Moisture because of the great moisture that it provides but seeing how gorgeous your hair turned out I just might try As I Am! ?

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