The Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin D – CBN News

An informative news story by Gailon Totheroh of CBN News on the amazing health benefits of Vitamin D. Would you believe this vital nutrient derived from the sun’s rays has been shown to stave off some of the most debilitating and deadly diseases; cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases. Please watch to learn more and share this video with loved ones. Now go out and enjoy the sun!

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    25 thoughts on “The Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin D – CBN News

    • mrsmichaelealy

      Thank you so much for this info. I just went out and bought vitamin D3. I’m no doctor, but I always had trouble believing reports that being in the sun is bad for you. The sun always made me feel great.

    • churchmn

      Watch out for Codex Alimentarius which could reduce the availability of vitamin D. Codex is basically an attack on all natural health supplements by the pharmaceutical companies (who have one of the strongest lobbies in congress). Several bills related to this are floating around in congress right now.

    • churchmn

      Check out the government recommendations for vitamin D in relation to this (only 200 units when you need at least 5,000). They couldn’t care less what’s good for us.

    • Faithless722

      They can try. Don’t worry though, any effort to reduce the availability of vitamin supplements will be opposed and defeated. =)

    • churchmn

      I hope you’re right. Unfortunately, I just found out John McCain has introduced a new bill that includes several parts of Codex Alimentarius. Apparently, they’re trying to get it implemented in pieces. According to Rima Laibow, McCain’s “Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010” (DSSA) is designed to curtail your access to high potency supplements and give the FDA more power to ban them.

    • Faithless722

      Too bad you can’t patent this eh. There isn’t as much profit to be made when pharma companies can’t monopolize the market.

      I imagine the proponents of depopulation aren’t best pleased with this knowledge becoming more and more widely disseminated.
      Everyone should share this video with their friends and family!

    • twor4u

      The video is a lie, when they stated,the reason 4 darker skin people afflictions,our reason was and is,false teaching of foods that r 2 b consumed,like pork and [scaless/ finless]sea creature,and many other excepted, so call foods of today.

    • joecam21

      Whenever I go to Florida I’ve always noticed the people, especially the children looked so much more healthier than the northerners.

    • awaken69

      sorry, i can’t take an interviewee seriously when he refers to “god” as a source of credibility.. i prefer rational, unbiased, scientific research and analysis, thank you very much.

    • cinemaforever7

      Vitamin D is a steroid hormone?? Wow…who knew! I find this story to be very interesting..I (and several friends) have recently been diagnosed as being quite low in D as well, so this topic has been on my mind

    • candidcrow

      I try to tell my friends about this but just can’t get through to them. SO, I am sending them a link to this video. The people who have listened have had some amazing results like getting off their high blood pressure medicine and losing weight.

    • wwspic36

      I have been helped my the Marshal Protocol… It restricts all ingested vitamin D and all sunlight… I couldn’t be any happier or healthier!!!

    • Hertsman

      Well I’ve been told by my doctor I have a chronic vitamin D deficiency. My vitamin D count is 13. After doing a lot of research it would seem you need to be taking 35iu per pound of body weight. I’m 200lbs so that means I should be taking 7,000 iu per day maintenance dose. However to get my D levels up I need to take 50,000iu at the start of each week for four weeks in total. Well I wish I knew how to persuade my body into taking that amount. Started taking just 5,000iu per day but all I get for my trouble is chronic diarrhea. Anyone know how to overcome this problem?

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