The Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil: Skin & Hair

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    16 thoughts on “The Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil: Skin & Hair

    • FashionAplenty

      Loved this video on the benefits of using something very natural like coconut oil! I would love to see more of these natural beauty videos =)

    • lizzcruzz

      I have very oily skin and I tend to break out easily.. Do you think it is safe for me to use as a moisturizer or do you think it will clog my pores? What type of skin do you have? Thank you!

    • PirouetteMakeup

      @lizzcruzz Oh I have oily, acne prone skin too.. I find that this being a natural oil, it doesn’t make my skin break out but it could depend on the person. Maybe try to use it every 2 days Instead of every day and see how it goes from there? 🙂

    • RuslanRu1

      Amazing video as always Nika! I always learn so much!
      p.s. started using your brushes and I LOVE them :):)

    • EverythingLuxy

      Great video, Nika! I use it as a body lotion, but hearing you speak so highly of it in other areas, I’m gonna try removing my make-up with it tonight & moisturize my face 😉 – xx Leyla

    • PirouetteMakeup

      @EverythingLuxy Thanks Leylush! Mimi’s the one who told me about it being a great hair mask, have you tried it? I’m seeing awesome results with my hair so give it a try as well :))

    • MsRichella

      Originally I bought Coconut oil for my hair a few years ago and then I experimented and occasionally used it as a body moisturiser or face mask. My skin is very dry but it was even too oily for me, however I discovered by chance that if I use pure Aloe vera gel over it, (again cheap from a health food store) the gel takes away the oily feeling so I now use the two every day. Try it!

    • anicapeter1

      hey Nika! where did you get that in toronto i live here too and i suffer from alopecia – i want the organic one you have !

    • sheeshaa23

      Great video! I love using and eating coconut oil, but I have never tried it as a hair mask. Thank you for suggesting that. Do you use extra virgin coconut oil? Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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