The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin, Hands, Nails, and Diet

To purchase a youtips4u Custom Designed T-Shirt, please click here: For more helpful tips, or if you have any questions, please visit Hi Everybody, I have found a wonderful product for your hair, skin, and diet. It’s coconut oil. In this video I show you how you can add this healthy and nutritious product to your life. It really is wonderful as a deep conditioner, daily conditioner, skin softener, moisturizer, and to spread on bread and muffins. I hope you will find this video very informative and helpful, and hopefully you will give coconut oil a try in your life too. Thanks so much for viewing. Please remember to subscribe because I have so much more to come!

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    25 thoughts on “The Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair, Skin, Hands, Nails, and Diet

    • YouTips4U

      Hi, I have a video up on anti-aging. I talk about products to use and tips fo prevent wrinkles. Please check it out when you have time. In the mean time, please remember to wear sunscreen because the sun causes premature aging and will make your lines worse.

    • arbylih87

      plllzzz if you have further advice for diet tell us them cuz i’m on a diet and i really wish to lose weight. thank you

    • kajehgb

      I know this may sound nutty, but my brother thinks because coconut oil is a saturated fat and hardens when below a certain degrees it will clog the pipes up when you wash it out of your hair?
      So my mother thinks it cannot be used to wash your hair with because the oil will go down the pipes and clog the drain?

    • glandularmass

      It won’t. If using soap when washing hair, it will emulsify the oil and carry it out. Also, the water temperature is generally warm enough to melt the coconut oil. Coconut oil melts at around 70*F.

    • YouTips4U

      Hi, glandularmass’ reply to you is correct. Coconut oil is liquid above about 76 degrees and the water we wash with is well above that. You’re shampoo will simply wash it away. No worries :o)

    • nirvgardengod

      it wont clog your pipes because of its low melting point,,and the liver metabolizes coconut oil quickly

    • JesusIsLord771001

      margerin is very close to plastic. so yes it very toxic. if you melt it and leave in in the garage it flies wont even touch it . Butter on the other hand helps your food digest and allows your body to absorb food sooo on that note butter makes things better ~SMIILES~ haha my kitty loves to lick coacoanut oil off my hands her furr is so shiny because of it yep even pets get good benefis from coacoanut oil!

    • JesusIsLord771001

      Does coacoa nut oil help thinning hair grow back ?

      becareful of safflower oil it is toxic to our bodies

    • YouTips4U

      I have not heard that about coconut oil, however, jojoba oil has been praised for helping to promote hair growth. Please check out my video on jojoba oil when you have time.

    • mrsross22

      @YouTips4U..I just want to say I was looking for a video on youtube on the benefits of coconut oil and found none as thorough as yours. I bought regular organic coconut oil today. I am going to have to check the nutrition facts before ingesting it but I am using it now on my hair as a treatment because my hair is long like yours and I also am using it on my face because of the winter. Thanks for posting this. It was very helpful!

    • luckotheirishbetoya

      Hi there, I never heard about this product, so I tried it. I LOVE IT! It smells soooo good! Thanks for the tip! Keep smiling:) ps…Happy Valentines Day!:)

    • dusklvr

      It’s not only good for skin/hair health, it also contains caprylic acid which acts as an anti-fungal. When you eat it, it kills unhealthy intestinal yeast fungi, leaving your healthy digestive bacteria intact. Too much yeast in your intestines can lower nutrient absorption causing fatigue, dull skin and hair, and digestive problems from nutrient deficiencies. Yeast produces toxins that enter your blood stream and skin cells which leads to a weakened immune system and skin blemishes.

    • grekito

      @iceramones Mangos dude! If you eat ripe mangos for 2 weeks they will go away, research it:)

    • marcus23332333

      what is better expeller pressed or cold pressed does it really matter i heard cold pressed is better for skincare so what do you recommed

    • YouTips4U

      Hi, choose cold-pressed whenever you can for skin care and cooking. All cold-pressed oils are expeller pressed, but not all expeller pressed oils are cold-pressed. When an oil is cold-pressed, the temperature is controlled and kept low . This is used for delicate oils.

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