The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Not all Saturated Fats are created equal! The body needs a variety of fats for healthy cell function…These good fats are important for a healthy balanced diet. Coconut oil and milk contain over 60 percent medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). What makes MCFAs unique is the fact that they are not readily stored but rather used as energy in the body. Replace all vegetable oils you cook with since they change and oxidize when heated….add coconut milk to your shakes and smoothies to help shed some pounds. Coconut oil added to your diet turns on your fat burning switch

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    2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Coconut Oil

    • choooSweet

      people do say that eating coconut raw produces that true?

      which is actually a good one to health…raw coconut or boiled coconut or fried coconut in cooking or coconut milk

    • edatong88

      It is not the cholesterol in Coconut to give your high cholesterol. It is the restaurant deep fry food and high stress to cause cholesterol to go up. The whole coconut is all good for you, include the meat and the milk. It is save to use coconut oil to fry food. Stay away from restaurant deep fry food.

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