The Good, Bad, and Ugliness of Coconut Oil – Darren “Phat-Man” McDuffie talks about the good and bad of coconut oi. He also gives tips on choosing the right type of coconut…

13 thoughts on “The Good, Bad, and Ugliness of Coconut Oil

  • Barry Pearson

    Very well put together. To? the point and very thorough. Thank you very much for sharing your information.

  • BlackcatNZ

    Excellent! I have been taking mine in my? coffee every morning, I will start taking it straight from now on.

  • josiecamacho20

    My coconut oil was pricy and its in glass and its yellow when melted? obviously its good ive lost 9 pounds and its organic. Hmm confused!

  • Darren McDuffie

    There are always? exceptions to the rule…these are guidelines not hard and simple rules.

  • Corey Lowe

    Dang,I bought some Lou Ana Coconut Oil,sounds like its not going to do what expected from the points you’ve made. I will see,may not be optimum but i did notice an increase in energy and that energy was sustained throughout my workout.I will invest in a higher quality coconut oil? for future reference though,good look.

  • someguy43210

    I’ve tried several brands and Dr. Bronner’s is my preferred, it come in glass jars and is free trade certified, I like? their soaps as well.

  • 15sarastar

    my cocnut oil is 11 dollars, its clear, when liquid, white when solid, cold pressed, and USDA approved, so u dont always have to pay more, just know where? to look. but every thing u said was correct.

  • Jacky Sumner

    I have Tropical Traditions, Gold Label, Virgin Coconut? Oil in a glass jar.? Can I consume this kind??? It doesn’t say if it is refined. It? does say it is 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Please help….thank you!

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