The Health Benefits of Coconuts #206 In this show we mention the health benefits of coconuts, but the real fun was getting them from the roadside stand

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    25 thoughts on “The Health Benefits of Coconuts #206

    • easterb22

      ok, so heresy, i can’t get young coconuts, but i buy the stuff in a container and use it to make a green smoothie. when i can score a real coconut, i save it for ice cream and noodles. there must be something good left of it after pasturization?

    • Lukychrm42

      I can’t get young coconuts here. I love just munching on plain, fresh mature coconut. I also love mixing with nuts, dates, and raisins!

    • RawRainbow

      One of my favorite things to make is coconut “cottage cheese”. Just put coconut meat into a food processor with a little water and salt.

    • GnosticNinja

      Good stuff Kevin! This was a very exciting to watch addition to your great educational videos. Coconuts are the best ‘super food’ out there. Chock full O’ EFA’s, protien… balances cholesterol levels, reduces inflammation, the best thing for weight loss too! I cook with the oil because it doesn’t become TOXIC like unsaturated fats when heated. Thanks again, you all are doing an outstanding & beautiful thing.

    • aviel450

      I love love love young coconuts! I drink one and feel like the happiest person ever. I love mixing the water and meat with a ripe banana, spinach and a bit of lemon juice in the vita mix and sometimes I add a tbsp of carob! Yummy!

    • cherryberryblossom

      i used one of my shells for a house for my gecko..:), i have yet to try the young Thai ones, i will have to go down to china town to see if they are there.

    • vegantravelor

      Favorite use of coconut is to drink the water and discard the hard coconut flesh as it is terribly difficult on our digestion system….only eat the ‘young’ coconut jelly!

    • vegantravelor

      Coconut video is sweeeeeeeeeeet!!
      nice work Kevin.
      The coconuts here in Philippines are young and sweet and have the soft digestable jelly inside for 20cents each!!!
      I am drinking 2 per day at least.

      I have boycotted STRAWS though as they end up somewhere for over 500years…drink the water the natural way!

    • maegdalene

      Drink the water, peel the coconut. Blend meat w/ 1L of water about 10 mins. Strain w/ a sieve, & make sure to push out ALL the liquid you can! You’ve got a bunch of fresh ‘dried’ shredded coconut, & a bunch more water. Refrigerate water overnight. In the morning, it will have separated: the thick white stuff on top is butter, & milk is on the bottom. If butter isn’t thick enough, you didn’t push enough oil out: blend longer or push harder! Peeling the meat INTENSELY moisturizes your hands!

    • mindyvoss

      I heard Davis Wolfe mention on a video that greens and coconut water is like a blood transfusion. 😉

    • vicky2c

      man I love coconut water. The meat is a bit fatty(even the young oneds) but you are lucky. The ones sokld here in Ny are dipped in fermaldihyde-gross. I used to buy by the cases and give to the kids, but then Dr. G said that they were dipped. Too bad! So sad, i wish I was there drinking away. Does the coco water combine well with veggies or other fruits?

    • Davylp

      Matt amsden got tested results after testing the coconuts for formeld- and it came back negative.

    • Davylp

      This is really great. BUT people dont have access to the wild coconuts like these cats. SO WHAT ARE OUR OPTIONS?

    • poppy90290

      Blending coconut water and meat with dash of sea salt, and tsp of vanilla (or carob or cacao) makes the best pudding! Nummy!

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