The many great uses of virgin coconut oil

I can’t live without virgin coconut oil and so here is the requested video of the ways I use coconut oil. Hope you guys enjoy!!! Blog Facebook Twitter Formspring

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    22 thoughts on “The many great uses of virgin coconut oil

    • KellGlamourous

      I love your point of view, I use coconut oil as a moisturizer.. deep conditioner,… makeup remover (before a shower) and even used it in the pan before i made pancakes :):) Any idea what Beyone is wearing @ 2:26? i was thinking So Chaud.. I neeed that lipstick in my life… :):)

    • nymphette415

      @KellGlamourous It is soooo great as a cooking oil! It does look like So Chaud actually. Not sure what it actually is but I’m sure that’s a great dupe.

    • apapat

      I got some coconut oil for my hair but it didn’t work out. 🙁 (And for some reason mine smells like hobo. LOL) Although I actually just noticed that my eczema is gone..! I’ll have to try out some of these other uses. Thanks for the suggestions!!

    • nymphette415

      @apapat It does go bad… Maybe you got a bad one? LOL. Mine smells from from hobo. I’m literally LOL right now.

    • ButterFlo

      i use coconut milk with my clay powder to make a mask and it’s really lovely and moisturising

    • indigobeauty1

      i love love love coconut oil. it does make eye lashes grow, but it makes eyes blury a bit until eyes get use to it. to be honest it seems my vision gotten better. my lashes are longer. i use it pretty much how you use it. great video, peace

    • MsRabbit83

      I’ve been using coconut oil for years and I love it. At night I dab some on my lips and it helps keep them really nice and soft. I also use it on my feet, just rub it into my skin and put socks on and it makes me feet so soft way better than any foot balm i’ve found!

    • volpe3fuego

      I have LouAna coconut oil which I bought for like $4 @ Walmart next to the cooking oils aisle. Is there a difference between that and organic coconut oil, in terms of benefits and results? I haven’t opened it yet, as I just bought it today but I’m just realizing that everyone keeps saying “extra virgin organic” coconut oil. LouAna says pure coconut oil but not I’m not so sure I want to try it if there’s another that people are talking about.

    • harrelsonpj

      @volpe3fuego I bought the LouAna coconut oil too and then when I read it a little more everyone was saying to get the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil that is Unrefined. From what I’ve seen/read the unrefined is the best because all of the “good” stuff hasn’t been stripped from the oil.

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