FOLLOW ME ON ADD ME ON FTC: yea i bought the coco and the milk myself….and ummm wish i didnt lol Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY telling YOU GUYS NOT to BUY this product…not everything works for everybody, I know ladies who can’t use Garnier Frutis and I know ladies who can’t use Creme of Nature so that goes to show you that EVERYONE has different hair types…My hair doesn’t get along with protein NOTHING I guess LOL aphogee worked wonders for a short period of time but then started to dry out my hair…i was AWARE that COCONUT MILK contains Proteins ALSO…BUT I use Profectiv products like the hair lotion which also contains PROTEINS and it doesn’t dry out my hair…certain Garnier Frutis products I have used in the past contained PROTEINS also and I never experience what I did while using Organix…therefore I now know that I have to be careful with the amount of proteins in certain products…i’m glad I tried it out..I LOVE the smell and the packaging but it did NOTHING for my hair lol so that doesn’t mean it won’t work on your hair but it just didn’t work for me 🙁 but there are ALOT of products that just don’t work for my grade of hair lol so it’s just MY hair NOT the products 🙂

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    • Somantha21

      you’re so funny! i love the way your always honest, and ur so beautiful! (not to sound creepy or anything)

    • pixelated48

      Your videos are always funny! The organics tea tree oil stuff is not really organic i have that product too. The organix coconut milk shampoo stuff is not really organic either. i use their hydrating shampoo and conditioner and may try their moisturizing one………maybe. but i do get that squeaky sound when i use it on my hair! i’ll probably switch to something FULLY organic like Bee Mine products as soon as i finish them off.

    • MissaRosa

      Some of the channels I have seen on here, the ladies do not use the shampoo, only the conditioners. They have said that the shampoo does exactly what you said it does.

    • liljillcakes

      ha! i was thinking about buying that stuff too… i probably won’t now… i have tried that new loreal sulfate free line and it’s pretty good. wen conditioning cleanser works well with “MY” hair (as u say. lol.) too so you might like it 🙂

    • Rachell32480

      FYI – Sulfates create the lather in shampoos, and it’s sulfate-free, which is why it doesn’t lather well.

    • brit04ney

      Dove is a good product too! “White girl” products work well on my hair too. I just have to moisturize it afterwards. Dove leaves my hair feeling very soft and light-weight. It swings all over the place, has a lot of body.

    • tayclay94

      yeah it does have that “squeaky” feelinq and sound ! i hate that crap , bad product ! but it smells hella good !

    • chelagurl

      hmm…i haven’t tried that …but did use a different sulfate free shampoo and had the same feeling…super dry and have to use alot of conditioner. I wanna use natural stuff, but i hate that dry hair feeling…..thanx for the vid…coz i wanted to try that…but i don’t think i should…. 😛

    • loveangelmusic15

      Okay .. Question: Do protein products dry out and harded your hair ? Because Garneir Fructis does this for my hair .. And I looovvee ” white girl stuff ” too ! lol

    • shinjitsu85

      Lol “the coco and the milk”. You so silly girl. I smelled it yesterday at my job. It smells kinda good. Organix also has a few other products too. Anyway, your hair is YOUR HAIR! Use what you want and see what happens. You never know until you try. I’m usin Cream of Nature right now, but I won’t be using it again. Aphogee worked (except for a bit of dryness) so I’m goin back. I think I’ll be combining Aphogee with my homemade deep conditioner. Ask me for the receipe lol! Good lick ladies!

    • thomasadrianna

      @loveangelmusic15 it depends on your grade of hair 🙂 because some people can use protein products because usually their hair was exposed to it alot and over time their hair just adpated to it so they can handle it …me on the other hand wasn’t exposed to protein based products alot so my hair freaks out when i use it so it does make my hair hard and dry

    • caramelskintype09

      I fully agree with you, and i tried that mess, and it sucks and made my hair dry and everything, nothing is natural about it, but anyway great review, real straight us and yes i am a natural and my hair type would be a 4a/b what a waste of money, so i just let my baby wash her baby dolls hair with it LOL

    • OhYeahTheNightNurse

      It tried it yesterday. I LOVE it. It made my hair silky and soft. It also smelled really good.

    • StiiNaBaBiiXoXo

      I tried the Organix pomegranate shampoo and conditioner, and what u described as “windex on a mirror” my hair felt the same way. It was so dry after I used it. Terrible. The only good thing about it was the smell. Great review girl! Real ish! Fa real

    • barbiedefined

      im a natural and i think a lot of newly naturals use organix cuz its readily available. but organix is not ORGANIC. it is full of silicones. i tried it when i first bc’d and it is very drying cuz of the protein and silicones. it is only sulfate free. even when i only used the condi to cowash, my hair was dry. i had to combine it with evoo to cowash successfully. i used the passionfruit one

    • barbiedefined

      p.s. be careful when buying products that use the word “organic”. they are just using the term to attract more curly haired women. blue magic (the grease) even have organic products. they are not pure. if they dont have the fda organic stamp or the bunny (cruelty-free) than they are not organic. i would suggest trying kinky-curly or sheamoisture if you want to try real organic products. but i say if it aint broke don’t fix it. you hair looks healthy and pretty!

    • jamsng

      try trader joe conditoner and shampoo its real good natural stuff but a few chemicals at end its raved about on youtube in natural hair community

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