The Science Behind Coconut Oil As An Alzheimer’s Treatment Dr. Mary Newport set out to help her husband who was dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease. Her…

6 thoughts on “The Science Behind Coconut Oil As An Alzheimer’s Treatment

  • sportydiver

    Did you look at the causes? Like aluminum,barium,radon, pollutants in your air freshener, the dryer scent cloth, chlorine,bpa, flouride, laundry soap,toothpaste, pestisides,artificial coloring,all refined food. the list is endless. Eliminate as? many toxins from your environment and food. Eat a whole food plant based, grain free, organic diet. Pure water, unrefined salt, iodine, whole food vitamin, chlorella, spiralina, cilantro, parsley. Get real education no isolated food products made by man.

  • sportydiver

    10-20 years of being exposed to high levels of toxins? and pollutants. Watch durianrider on yt. Toxins are stored in your fat. Detox with eating whole fruit. Do you see wild animals that are not exposed to toxins having this problem?They don’t go looking for isolated food products. Also Dr. Morse has many herbs and is a naturalpathic/herbalist

  • bburnsga

    Great points! For the whole food vitamin, JuicePlus is the best, in my research & opinion. I’m a distributor, & it is THE best thing I’ve? done for my own health, for my parents health, & my sister-in-law’s health, as well as some others!

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