The uses and benefits of COCONOIL – coconut oil

Here I touch on some of the many wonderful uses of coconoil and some of the numerous benefits of coconoil. If you have any questions please contact me. Thanks for viewing.

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    4 thoughts on “The uses and benefits of COCONOIL – coconut oil

    • rndiphe

      Great , I had the same brand oil but with the whit lid… I will buy this one with the green lid next time.. Cheers for info

    • BeccaLisaDee

      I have just purchased this from Ebay i plan to use this for my hair as a conditioner and growth stimulator and also for my skin, how do you reccomend i store the tub? because i will want to use it on my scalp over night and then as a moisturizer.
      thanks 🙂

    • purebodybalance

      @BeccaLisaDee Hi, good question, I personally just store it in the cupboard. It tends to be runny due to the heat but that makes it easier to use. In the winter its much harder but put the pot in some warm water and this softens it up. I wouldn’t keep it in the fridge as it then becomes super hard! Its great for a conditioner and skin moisturiser, especially after a gentle exfoliation.As for hair growth stimulant, I couldn’t say, – (continued) –

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