The wonder of Coconut oil – For Skin, Hair, and Nails

Coconut oil is a amazing addition to your beauty routine! Skin I use this on my skin almost everywhere! As a weekly or daily moisturizer, for blemishes, dry patches, dry knees and elbows, and my cuticles Hair I use this about once a week on my hair, on the tips. It has helped me keep my hair healthy and shiny Purchasing Coconut Oil I bought the big 14 fl oz jar from fred meyer for about Be sure to purchase it UNREFINED otherwise some nutrients will be lost To use Watch the video 🙂

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    8 thoughts on “The wonder of Coconut oil – For Skin, Hair, and Nails

    • BeautyByToni

      If you are just using it for beauty purposes, brand doesn’t matter so much just be sure it is virgin/unrefined. I hear Nutiva is good and Spectrum is pretty good too. And it should be in a solid form when you purchase it

      I am going to get some jars to bring with me when i travel too.

    • BeautyByToni

      I found mine in the health food section of Fred Myer (now kroger). Also available at Whole Foods or Amazon too

      Just make sure it is unrefined so that there are more “good stuff” for your skin in it

    • jennjensen1

      do you need to melt the oil or use it straight out of the jar? How much do you put on?

    • BeautyByToni

      You could melt it slightly to where it isn’t completely liquidated or melt it all the way. It will work either way.
      But i do advise against melting it in the microwave as it will lose some of its nutrients that you want in your hair.

      For me, the top of the jar usually has a layer of melted oil anyway so i just spoon out a teeny bit and smooth it on the ends of my hair.

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