25 thoughts on “The Wonders of Coconut Oil

  • Bonnie90505

    I just started coconut oil about 2 weeks now I take, 1-2 tablespoon in the morning…I love it. and I am so happy you made this video, I am trying to get people to learn more about this wonder oil. I feel wonderful and am on low carb plan. I use to have severe joint paint and artrithis…I am 51 and love it on my skin and hair…
    I feel like I have been de-toxing all the junk in my digestive system too,

  • Kaioshinbrock


    Good video, more people need to know about this miracle food!

    Also check out astaxanthin! Coral calcium! Alpha lipoic acid!

  • iMitotropin

    Not sure because I took it for 6 months and it helped keep stomach fat on… no matter what I couldnt lost weight

  • ty99999returns

    No. It blocks UVA rays.
    If you want to get a tan and use a lotion of some sort you will not get UVB which forms vitamin D on the skin. So if you want a tan you are way way way better off using nothing.

  • ExplicitContent81

    Yeah I don’t use lotions or anything. But I do use coconut oil topically sometimes, mainly as a moisturizer, and I was always curious about its interactions with sunlight so thanks!!

  • NorthCentralMass

    Keep em coming Josh, always interesting…In fact, go ahead…talk 8-10 hours and I’ll listen

  • joshrubineastwest

    If youtube would let me record that much…I would…I would actual make some live educational courses!

  • bjobbe

    Any suggestions on how to use coconut oil besides frying with it? I put it in smoothies sometimes, but I’m not sure what else to do with it other than just eat it straight from the jar.

  • xf89

    I am curious about coconut oil, as I have never used it. Thing is, I am allergic to coconut and am afraid to try the oil. Do you think I’d have a reaction to the oil, if I’ve had a severe reaction to coconut? I don’t know if you’d know the answer to this, but I’d appreciate it. As they say, no question is a dumb question, right? 😉

  • littleitaly96

    does the lauric acid remain in tact if fried? i use coconut oil to fry with and i am always concerned about this

  • Varceo1137

    does coconut oil help with hair growth why do people say it raises cholesterol thank man your pretty smart man

  • joshrubineastwest

    It does not help with hair growth. As for cholesterol, it actually does not raise it, it will lower it! That is if you are living a holistic lifestyle..eating organic, food from the earth, etc!

  • pureenergyfitness

    Another Great Vid Josh!
    My wife is pregnant and loves coconut oil. Is there any issues with oils during pregnancy and is there optimum amount?

  • kwduhon

    I’m new to this so please forgive the noob question: If I take a certified organic coconut oil 1,000 mg soft gel two of them, is it the same?

  • Zhan1960

    I love coconut oil for all of the reasons you stated! Believe it or not, I avoided purchasing it for years because I was afraid of smelling like a coconut–organic coconut oil is scentless! So, go for it! I plan on using this each and every day for the rest of my life!

  • kajehgb

    i tried to use coconut oil in the summer as a sunscreen but i did get a lot of color.
    Are you saying you just do not get the burning rays of the sun, because being very fair in skin, it did make me dark.

  • tonglongkid

    I heard you mention a corralation betwwen coconut oil and hormorne regulation. Would this be good for women that have a heavy monthly cycle?

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