22 thoughts on “thespikyhairedgirl Show 2~Coconuts!

  • stevo35972

    Coconut oil is great to eat and is also great to lather on your skin. It’s a great skin moisterizer. Awesome video!

  • MuscleHack

    Brilliant vid Cameo. Keep them coming.
    I’m not taking coconut oil at the moment because I can’t find it locally. I think I’ll have to get it online.

  • mamaclok

    I wonder if there are any cookbooks out there that specialize in coconut oil based recipes? mmm sounds good to me!

  • livinlowcarbman

    Type in “coconut oil” in the Amazon search engine and you’ll find lots of great recipe books. 🙂

  • livinlowcarbman

    By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nutiva version of coconut oil which can be purchased in big one gallon buckets (it’s a lot of coconut oil!) for less than $50 at Netrition. A GREAT DEAL!

  • aydensfolks

    Hi really like your videos, great job! =) I love coconut, only problem is, when i eat it my face gets really hot so Im afraid Im allllergic! =( So disappointing since its sooo good for all of us!

  • thespikyhairedgirl

    Many people experience a “surge of warmth” upon taking coconut oil. It is usually the quick energy I mentioned in the video. But of course, if you suspect an allergy, there are plenty of other healthy additions you can make to your diet. Thanks AF!

  • kkristen1

    good show, i use coconut oil sometimes, it’s good. Your accent reminds me of back home in South Carolina 🙂

  • thespikyhairedgirl

    LOL, yeah…the accent does tell all! I surely couldn’t lie about where I’m from. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by!

  • swatkins1961

    Is there a source that you have for great coconut oil recipes? I tried cooking my eggs in it and hated the coconut taste, but got some neutral tasting oil and that made it much better. This was a great video subject and I wish you could have talked even more about it’s use. I know my basal body temp, runs marginally low, but the doctor’s have never said I had a thyroid problem. Your comment about raising the basal temp has encouraged me to add the oil in on a daily basis. I’ll let you know.

  • thespikyhairedgirl

    Must have books: The Coconut Oil Miracle, Fife/Kabara
    The Coconut Diet, Calbom and Calbom

  • shhutchison

    You ROCK!!! I am loving your videos. Cam, you are so beautiful! Much love and keep em coming. Tell us about folic acid. I was using coconut oil a couple of years ago with my eggs in the am. Now i’ve read that I shouldn’t be eating the yolks only the whites. Tell me your take,
    Much love,

  • mindyfitch

    What about coconut butter—just pure coconut, including the oil, flesh, and fiber? I bought some organic coconut butter the other day, and OMG is it ever tasty. Seems like the perfect ingredient for homemade low-carb energy bars—with flax, nuts, etc. What do you think?

  • thespikyhairedgirl

    I think! Sounds yummy and if that’s all that is in the butter, I should have some. Tell me where to buy. 😉

  • thespikyhairedgirl

    Hey Ma-H: vitamin show is up and coming. I am of the stance to use the WHOLE egg, and we’ll talk about that sometime, too! Email me if ya want before then.
    You’re too sweet!

  • VanCityGal

    what about loosing weight on a high carb but whole grain/brown diet. I am a person that needs carbs but have switched to low GI carbs. i eat it with chicken, fish and veggies. Do you think coconut oil will help me loose weight?

  • thespikyhairedgirl

    Chicken, fish, veggies and coconut oil are ALL great things to help with weight loss and overall health. I personally don’t advocate a high carb diet, obviously, but you have mentioned components of a healthy diet. I also acknowledge that some people don’t have the problems with carbohydrate metabolism that I do. Coconut oil is great for thyroid and for immunity, so YES, add it! Thanks so much for watching. 🙂

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