Tropical Traditions and Clinique Even Better Product Review

Product review of Tropical Traditions Virgin Organic Coconut Oil and Clinique Even Better Foundation. Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil has a sale by 1 (32 oz) and get one free until Thurs, Feb 25, 2010 Face Coastal Scents African Black Soap (wash) Estee Lauder Idealist Clinique Even Better: Cream Caramel 15 Eyes Pur Minerals Eye Shadow: Vanilla Feldspar, Chocolate Topaz and Olivenite Clinique Gel Eyeline: Graphite Dior Show Iconic Mascara: Black Cheeks MAC Cosmetics: Dame Lips MAC Cosmetics Lip Liner: Vino, Clarins Cosmetics: Joli Rouge 721 Chestnut and Gloss Appeal 07 Grape

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    7 thoughts on “Tropical Traditions and Clinique Even Better Product Review

    • YoBoiPat

      I didnt know you were so beautiful.. I know 99% of that beauty is natural and the coconut oil & vino are just enhancements! LOL

      One Luv
      Pat (5 of them thangz)

    • DaWiiNeFiiNeDiiMe

      I got my coconut oil for my hair.. and i flat iron my hair with it, and it looked sooo fabolous.. good job Fawn

    • nothingsimpossible77

      Hey Fawn! Two thumbs up! I am so looking forward to hear your future videos. You have a well of information to share with the sistas GURL!

    • TalkinMakeUp

      Hi Fawn I Love it! I am going to try the new Clinque Foundation! I Love Idealist too! I Will Buy Advanced Night Repair For Life Lol

    • TheMkupjunkie

      I use coconut oil religiously. I don’t use that brand but I will give it a try when I run out of my brand. Great vid. I like Clinique too.

    • ItsMeFawn

      Tropical Traditions has a special now. Free shipping on all orders, last week it was Coconut oil for a $1, if anything sign up for their newslestter. Great deals!! Thanks for your comment!!!!

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