Types of Coconut Oil Explained

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4 thoughts on “Types of Coconut Oil Explained

  • BeulahLips

    @SilverRedIndigo : Your hair is not body temperature. If it was, the oil
    would be liquid. I think it turns to liquid around 78 degrees F. or 25 c.
    I’ve NEVER seen “hard” coconut oil above that temperature, and your body is
    NEVER below that temp, unless you’re dead. Right?

  • BeulahLips

    @SilverRedIndigo : Here in the US it’s typically around 10.00 per 16oz.
    jar, sometimes cheaper online… Good luck!

  • sotto2

    What is the exact difference in the nutritional content, if any, between
    the types of coconut oil you discussed? Thanks.

  • SilentThunderStorm

    There is no standard for ‘virgin’ coconut oil… since there is no
    standard, they can use ANY coconut oil (including fractionalized) and still
    claim it is virgin. In other words, IT IS A MEANINGLESS FUCKING TERM. Do
    *NOT* believe the hype.

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