Unprofessional CURLS product review PT 1 SHORT HAIR!!

So this is the first time I’ve used all the Curls (www.curls.biz) products at once. I HIGHLY recommend these products! Watch the video to see why. I have biracial hair (blcknwht) and this stuff works great on me! So check it out, and don’t forget to watch PT deuce!! Enjoy, please comment, rate, subscribe if you can. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! The products I used are: Pure Curls: clarifying shampoo Coconut Sublime: conditioner Quenched Curls: moisturizer Curls Milkshake Curl gel-les’c: curl jealousy I also have but did not use Curlicious Curls: cleansing cream If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Have a great day y’all!

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    10 thoughts on “Unprofessional CURLS product review PT 1 SHORT HAIR!!

    • tweetybabygirlR

      You have some beautiful hair, I have been thinking about buying these products myself. Thanks for the review.

    • tknlyg

      i have a different texture in the front of my head too. i found that rinsing conditioner out with cool water and shaking my head helped the front of my hair to hold better curls and i always shake when I put product on that part. (just bend forward and shake instead of manipulating with your hands) hope it helps, i know how frustrating that is. love the vid!

    • longlostcurls

      hey i have hair just like yours but right now my hair is stil short. the only curls products i have right now is the curls whipped cream. i wanna try the gel.

    • GuzmanSher2

      @longlostcurls Your hair is beautiful! I can’t wait to see it longer!!! You sing very well too, you go girl!!

    • sxcyleeshybbz

      please please could you do a curly hair tut for like going out or a glam look…its so tempting to straighten my hair if i wanna go clubbing.. its pretty much just like yours but cant think of what to do..thanks x

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