25 thoughts on “Unrefined Shea Butter and Coconut Oil Mix

  • maceonmahogany

    natural unrefined shea butter varies in color from beige to yellow because the color of the shea nuts varies. the only shea butter that can be deemed as unrefined simply by the color is shea butter that is completely white.

  • wwilli9

    I have this same mix that I use on my shorter natural hair. I get my African Shea butter from a healthly food store in Charlotte, NC called Home Economist on 74 (Independence) near the corner of Independence and Sharon Amity Rd (I think, just moved here), but it’s in the shopping center next to Family Dollar. It’s about $10, and they have everything there you will need for this con-coction.

  • wwilli9

    BTW, I love your videos and your hair. What school do you go to? My daoughter is also in college and we are both transitioning to natural hair. Once I figure out what the heck I’m doing, I will post my videos from my phone. Have a great week Ms. Ariella!

  • luhvieluhv23

    that sheabutter is not fake. i have the same one. i <3 <3 <3 it . it feels so good on my hair and it keeps it from dryin out. they dont sell it where i live so iget it in dallas. um…what do you do to mask the smell of coconut oil. i bought some and i havent used at all because it makes my stomach hurt 🙁

  • sassie37

    I use the same mixture love it but as u pointed out to much coconut oil makes is greasy it’ll have your face greasy also…
    Only difference is with the amount u had n your container I would have added 5 drops os Rosemary and lavender…I love those oils and it wouldn’t have an overwhelming smell to it…
    Hair still looked great love the fro’ hawk!

  • MsAriella89

    @luhvieluhv23 i don’t do anything right now =\ i just kinda deal lol, but the shea butter actually masks the coconut oil smell to me, but i guess if you’re sensitive to the smell then it’s different, once I find some essential oils that I like I’ll add that, that should mask the smell pretty well

  • MsAriella89

    @maceonmahogany yea i’m hearing that a lot too now, i actually went to the african shea butter website and it was explaining the different shea nuts and how color varies depending on where the trees are from like the east coast vs. the west coast of africa

  • MsAriella89

    @prettysunshyne lmao i hateeee that!! i don’t see the point in putting the AC on Alaska, do we want to feel like it’s winter in july? ;p

  • SicaDeero

    lol at “whatever tree this shea butter is coming from” but I didn’t know the difference either until a few months ago. The one your using is called African Butter
    and like u said the ivory one is shea butter. One is not better than the other but some prefer one over the oher

  • SicaDeero

    the one your using is called African Butter. One is not better than the other some just prefer one than the other

  • misssweetlikecake

    To add to your thoughts, idea’s, and people’s comments on the color of shea butter. When shea butter is purchased and it’s yellow its still natural and unrefined. When shea butter sits or has time to sit for some time it tends to start to lighten up in color. Even sometimes resulting in a lighter pale like yellow color sometimes white.

  • CBooCc

    so iv noticed that uv said many times u have really dry hair, and rather than having ur hair heavey from shea butter and coconut oil all the time (if thats wat it does to ur hair) try co washing ..only, try it once a week for three weeks. co-washing is basically using conditioner only. no shampoo. it werks for me and its waaay healthier. it doesnt strip ur hair from its natual oils and it makes ur hair softer over time…and promotes hair growth. if u want u shud try it.

  • bubblejaz23

    @CBooCc mmmm what conditioner do you use?is it a leave in?and how is it healthier? I thought cocunut and shea were very good for natural hair,just curious! I just got my BC and im trying to figure out what to do with it.

  • iluvme1108

    Thanks for the tutorial on shea butter and coconut oil. I did this last night and loved it. This is definitely becoming part of my regime. By the way I was able to find the shea butter at Whole Foods (natural food store).

  • aunaturalebby

    hey, i wanted to know where i could find the african shea butter that you are using. i have no idea where to look for it, what websites. or whatever, helppp please 🙂

  • cynd675


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