Using Virgin Coconut Oil for fat loss? How can one fat cause you to lose weight more than another one? Matt Lovell sports nutrition vlogger tells you how.

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    25 thoughts on “Using Virgin Coconut Oil for fat loss?

    • de1dezire

      i bought unrefined organic coconut oil from the vitamin shoppe and it turned into a clear liquid at room temperature. is this supposed to happen? also when i mix it into my coconut shake with water, it leaves this oily foam on top, is there something im doing wrong? thanks guys!

    • tuch5iu5

      Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from LSWEIGHT(.)INFO

      this made me cry, I thought you looked great at 2:10 and then you just got better and better!br/How did you gain the weight in the first place?br/I gained 60 pounds while pregnant and am trying to lose it, but it’s hard! I’ve got 16 pounds to go!

    • stanbalo

      I do take coconut oil and it really is great!

      It slims you down and boost your immune system! Gets rid of pimples too in my experience

    • ManYAkEMm

      that shit is thusgusting.. i tried eating it a cuple times.. tastes like i was blowing a palm tree.. however extra virgin cocoanut oil is a bit more hard… so it duznt taste slimy

    • gruvnjighv

      make sure you get the good extra virgin coconut oil, not the stuff made from copra. the label should say raw, unbleached, undeodorized, and organic. some might say usda orgainc, but that means nothing if its been bleached, refined, and deodorized.

    • Beepinsqueekin

      ManYakeMm, seriously, that is such a sick comment.

      Unrefined coconut oil is terrific tasting and has terrific health benefits.

    • tiggie1975

      This stuff is actually working for me. I’m able to eat more than I have with previous weight loss efforts and still lose weight. I can’t seem to take in more than 3-4 teaspoons a day, though.

    • SexyDrBitch

      Yeah lol, I am from Latin America and over there they are used to making their own coconut oil. I am going to send you a message of a website…so that you can read the steps. I won’t be able to explain everything because of the limitation of posting comments.

    • mkkm7

      I have a fatty liver, high cholesterol, high tryglicerides, high liver transaminases and big gallstones.Any fats and olils make me feel sick and bad. I went on a no-fat no-sugar no-bad carbs diet and start to feel better and lose weight fast. I didn’t know that coconut had so much fat in it and was eating some today but felt unwell. Are you sure it is so good for the liver and health. It looks like it is as bad as any fat and oil.

    • TrueZeal

      Why don’t you just try green smoothies every day forever. It shuld yiled 32 ounces or more perday and you drink it all day. Google green smoothie. There are lots of green smoothie recipies on Youtube

    • IBsmokin4u

      you need to start off with one tea spoon per day for the first few days and keep adding more to your intake as days past, you want to get to a point where you are consuming 3 to 4 tablespoons per day

    • abcdfx123

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    • MrDGonzalez5

      didnt get what u sayd cuz ur accent, just to confirm..

      im taking coconut oil.

      it helps to loose body fat?

      answer please

    • dsrtflwr

      @tiggie1975 search chocolate delight on youtube. You’ll get plenty of coconut oil if you eat that recipe. It’s very simple too.

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