Vatika Coconut Oil Review Pt. 2

In this video I review Vatika Hair Oil, a product from India containing Coconut Oil and other extracts. This product is great for overnight conditioning and everyday use! It allows natural hair to become softer and more managable. It can be found at Middle Eastern markets and stores in you area. (more)(

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    12 thoughts on “Vatika Coconut Oil Review Pt. 2

    • mtvlover33

      its kinda funny i was just wondering that i have Vatika and it works really good for my hair and i’ve been using it for a long time. Anyways, in mi head i was thinking that i also have the parachute oil and that u shud get and thats when u showed it ha ha ha….yea

    • Sosesm

      I just bought the parachute coconut oil also. nice get for $3 thoooo dude first said $5 & i have him the crazy look

    • herstome5656

      Do you mean where does it come from or where you buy it mostly grocery stores or the health food store. The Vatica stuff I’ve gotten off ebay

    • ThompsonMiss


      I brought some today, and have started using it – it’s smell so yummy – like delicious coconut soap! Immediately my scalp was moisturised, my hair was shiny and soft…and I hope it grows strong!

    • soursop

      I’m love coconut oil, i just buy they one in the jar at whole fields, you can cook with it too. Peppermint is another natural ingredient for my hair i love to shampoo with and drink as a tea

    • onlygoddessonearth

      I am in love with coconut oil. My skin soaks it up. I am almost too soft for myself, lol. Too bad, I am still single.

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