Vatika Hair Oil :: Indian hair growth product ::

I purchase most of my faster & healthy hair growth products at Healthy Hair Plus. This is the link to Healthy Hair Plus. If you register with this store online you will get 15% off your order. Follow me on my blog at This is the link for my “Hair Growth Journey” video This is the link for the giveaway video where you will have a chance to win the Gold Label Standard Organic Coconut oil (unrefined). To watch the review video of the new organic coconut oils I am using with other ingredients that are also good for hair growth click the link below Dabur Vatika Export Quality Enriched Coconut Hair Oil Pure Coconut Oil with Henna & Lemon Directions: Apply Vatika hair oil regularly on your scalp and hair. For best results, leave it overnight.

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    24 thoughts on “Vatika Hair Oil :: Indian hair growth product ::

    • MARI74CELA

      hello, I have PARACHUTE coconut oil is product from India…do you know is that? works same???????

    • JE4N3TT4

      some people say vatika? dyes hair. I have rare natural highlights and I’d rather not lose them. Did vatika dye your hair at all?

    • nancydrew5

      Hey like? your videos but you don’t have to hold the product so close to the camera, we can’t see it when you hold it so close.

    • Irkski

      My hair is naturally black, but since I started using Vatika it’s Jet-Black now. People keep asking me if i dyed it, and i’m like whaaaat??!?! lol.?

    • LeniGirly

      @Irkski I wish it had that effect? on me. When I use it gives my hair brown/reddish highlights. Do you leave it over night or just a few hours?

    • Irkski

      @LeniGirly Yes, I leave it in over night sometimes and use it for my ends after I wash it out. I did research about the Henna, and heard there is only minimal Henna in the product not enough to? change the colour of your hair. I’m not really sure though I guess it’s different for everybody. P.s. your hair is beautiful xD

    • LeniGirly

      @Irkski Oh thank you! : ) I”ve heard of a few people who haven’t experienced the lighter hair color change. I’m not sure why my hair turned reddish. It was a nice brown/reddish color but I love black hair so I didn’t consider it to be a good change. I love Vatika though it helped me grow out new hair which is why my hair looks fuller now. I still use it? but I don’t leave it over night and I don’t use it too often.

    • samairasworld

      hi there thanks alot for this video upload i wanted to ask you that you wrote buy export quality only but why is that so. why do we have to buy the export only one please? elaporate as i didnt understand.thanks

    • LeniGirly

      @Myobokuuzan In this video my hair was cut straight on the back. In the front I simply? had it flipped to the side. Now i have it cut in the shape of a v on the back.

    • LeniGirly

      @Myobokuuzan Oh back then I had layers in the front. So when I would go to the salon I would tell her to do the layers in the front and i would never get them too short just below my chin. Also, the little hair you see to the side is just something i did in order to cover up the baby hairs that were growing out and sticking out due to the Vatika which caused a? lot of new hair growth. I haven’t had layers done in the front in a while. I might get them next time I cut my hair.

    • Myobokuuzan

      @LeniGirly Ohhh I see 🙂 That’s so cool! I have layers at the front too, and my back layers are a bit longer than the front layers. I wish i got the front layers to be as long as my back ones though 🙁 and? the Vatika oil treatment really made your hair grow out a lot longer?! Wow!

    • LeniGirly

      @Myobokuuzan Yes, the Vatika made my hair grow and it helped me grow out new? hair which is why I feel my hair fuller. I haven’t been using it much though because it does make my hair lighter. I don’t want to dye my hair anymore so I haven’t used the vatika because I won’t be able to cover up the light brown/reddish color it gives my hair.

    • LeniGirly

      @mejiamarleny I’m guessing you probably didn’t cover your hair and so it was? touching your face throughout the night. If you are going to sleep with it you have to make sure you cover it up and that the oil doesn’t end up any where near your face. Aso, you can leave it on your hair for about an hour and then was it off. I breakout very easily and I’ve never had an issue with pimples and the oils I use on my hair. I just make sure it doesn’t end up on my face.

    • LeniGirly

      @samairasworld The export one is from India. I haven’t seen the Vatika that doesn’t say export but I’ve heard that there are some that are not? made in India.

    • Saleha50

      @LeniGirly? Hi im using vatika oil- the cactus one. I was wondering which vatika oil helps with hair growth, as there is alot of different vatika oils? :/

    • marcy19900

      hi leni well first of id like to say your hair is gorgeous. amd i have a question did you purchase the vatika oil at an indian grocery store? because in my area there are 2 but not sure if they would care the product being that they are grocry stores.And i see your? hair is really straight i was wondering if its naturally straight and pretty or do u do anything like straighten it or blow dry it to get to that level the reason i ask is i straighten my hair often but id like for it to stay healthy

    • LeniGirly

      @marcy19900 Oh thank you!!! Yes, I bought the Vatika at a litle Indian Grocery store. Most grocery stores will have a section with hair products and they also have the parachtute coconut oil in the regular food oil section. My hair is naturally straight but i do use the blow dryer in order to make it silkier and shinnier. I do not use the blow dryer all? the time in order to avoid too much heat damage.

    • cutetonychopper

      do you mean if I put? it on my hair when it’s dry, the hair will first be oily but a few hours later it will become normal?

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