Vatika Hair Oil Review

Check out my website and follow me @ http Review of Vatika Hair Oil made by Dabur. Key ingredients: Coconut Oil, Amla, Brahmi, Lemon, Rosemary

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    25 thoughts on “Vatika Hair Oil Review

    • ReviveUK

      I’ve read that coconut oil improves shine…but dull hair is not one of my hair issues…mine was breakage and thinning

    • nihaz75

      have u tried any of Himalaya Ayurvedic products. They r good too, specially the Foot care cream. It works like magic on cracked feet. Within 2 days, my cracked heels had turned into babysoft feet. I even use Himalays moisturises which r very good. Himalaya also has a very good hair care range like revitalising oil, methi (fenugreek shmampoos etc)

    • ReviveUK

      No I havn’t tried any of those, I did consider their herbal supplements tho…glad u had good results and thanks for the info :0)

    • SentimentalCrab

      I have Dabur Jasmine Hair Oil, and I’m wondering if you think that would be good for pre-pooing. Any ideas on it?

    • ReviveUK

      I pre poo my hair overnight with Oil and I know other ladies that do as well…one thing, the Dabur products do contain mineral oil which is not everyone’s cup of tea…which is also why some ladies prefer to make their own herbal oils…see other videos for recipes if you’re interested :0)

    • ReviveUK

      It blocks the pores of the skin/scalp, meaning that the skin/scalp can’t breathe…its also drying and prevents moisture from being absorbed into skin/scalp…and is most commonly used in hair/beauty products because its very cheap

    • 12quillemall5321

      It’s liquid petroleum ( vaseline), alias a root clogger that blocks natural moisture so even though your hair is shiny, it’s remains dry and later breaks off.

    • kashishrose

      @sherryjellison -hi hw long hav u used this 4?…duz it help with hair growth and thinning of hair? jus curious and wntd 2 knw, my hairs a litl dul wz wundering wud it also giv it proper shine and healthy lukin hair. thnx.

    • MoonAharshMistress

      Vatika is brilliant…i use it, and my hair is dark brown..used with panthene shampoo, gives the appearance of glass.
      cheap too.

    • ReviveUK

      @Ramzixox am not sure what stopped the breakage as I was using a few products to help stop this :0) overall, its an excellent oil though, esp the homemade version :0)

    • Ramzixox

      @ReviveUK thankyou for your reply. i just bought it, and used it once so far. at the moment i don’t see a difference. the only problem i have with my hair is that it has became weak. so i loose hair strands.

    • Ramzixox

      @ReviveUK but it isnt the same every day. some days its alot, and some barely noticable. i was wondering if there is any product or home remedy that you may know that could help my hair achieve it’s orignal strength.some days my hair not only feels, but looks thicker, and some days i think other wise. ahhh i stopped dying it, and the use of heating products for over 2 years. i would really appreciate it, if you have any feedback to what i asked. thankyou sooo much in advance.

    • ReviveUK

      @Ramzixox if your hair is weak you may need a protein treatment…esp as you have already eliminated the chemical dye and heat…there are lots of shop bought products, its a case of trial and error, maybe have a look at what other laides use on here or the black hair forums…I use Joico K Pak and I know the ayurvedic powders like brahmi, amla were very good for when my hair was breaking…see emergency breakage treatment video…

    • ReviveUK

      @Ramzixox :o) think you need to use for a while to see what results you get…daily hair loss/shedding is normal…breakage, when the hair breaks off, leaving a shorter piece of hair is when it is weak and lost its elasticity…have you joined any of the black hair care forums? they are really useful for information and ideas for getting a good regimen for your hair…its a case of trial and error and a bag of patience!!! good luck

    • Ramzixox

      @ReviveUK oooh thankyou! umm will this work for regular hair. im pacfic asiann. im wayyyy nervous to use strong products cause jus incase if it’s not suitable. ahh but in definate need if i can just make my hair stronger thennn ahh it will be amazing like beforee. do you happen to know any home remedies. i was thinkin about using extra virgin coconut oil instead of other oil for a weekly massage. i heard its reallly benefical? have you ever tried it?

      btw really appreciate this:]] be blessed!

    • Princessvia911

      @12quillemall5321 the vatika she’s using is liquid petroleum?? wow I use that,but if it is I will stop.

    • ReviveUK

      @Princessvia911 hey, relax! vatika is made primarily with coconut oil…if you read carefully above, they ladies were talking about mineral oil being derived from petroleum…so that is something you may wish to avoid using…check the ingredients of your products :0)

    • ayanamaralice

      Fabulous deep conditioner! The herbs literally tingle on your scalp and hair. I bought my 300ml bottle for $4.00 at Lakshmi’s Cupboard (an online store) – it was totally worth the price. My hair detangled so much easier when I used it – felt softer too when it dried.

    • SuperHelloKitty85

      Can you use this product on colour treated hair? Esp blonde hair. I’ve heard henna isn’t good on colour treated hair.

    • ReviveUK

      @SuperHelloKitty85 yes its fine for colour treated hair, its just herbal coconut oil and any henna content is minimal

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